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Top 5 professional mouse exterminator benefits

Are you a seasoned mice exterminator or planning to take on your first mouse battle? Before you dive into your first or next mouse melee, consider the costs and benefits of a professional service. 

  1. time spent 
  2. cost of product and service
  3. efficacy 
  4. health impacts
  5. safety

It may be fun to attack mice, but the costs and benefits point toward choosing a professional mice exterminator. 

Mice use their vibrissae for sensory navigation

What to expect from a professional mouse exterminator 

Now you’ve hired the mice exterminator to get the job done. Here is what to expect. 

  • every mouse situation will be distinct
  • preparation instructions 
  • duration may be 15 minutes to a few hours
  • some results will be immediate
  • other results may take a few weeks to be apparent
  • notify the mice exterminator if signs of mice persist
  • recommendations for environment changes such as enclosing pet food
  • follow up at least once per season
Don’t let mice play games with your life

Mouse exterminators use the highest-quality impenetrable products 

Hardware and online stores have far too many options. Selecting the best quality includes: 

  • effectiveness on mice
  • safety
  • non-target species protection 
  • durability of product

Exclusion is particularly quality dependent. Avoid hard to remove large orange blobs and corroding or rusting steel wool. 

A professional mouse exterminator selects the best product and technique for your situaiton. Powders, blocks, and soft baits will all have varying quality measures based on situation. 

Mice entry points can be well disguised

Permanent and cost effective solutions

Don’t be the do it yourself mice exterminator bragging about hundreds of killed mice. Mice extermination must have a permanent solution. Permanence isn’t achieved instantly. Professional mice exterminators set up a permanent process to keep mice away.

In addition to permanence, consider the following elements of cost:

  • direct product and service costs
  • the value of time spent
  • health costs from diseases that rodents carry such as hantavirus 
  • mental costs of stress from rodent control 
Mice don’t respect boundaries

Safe, effective and practical techniques 

Placing a mouse trap everywhere a mouse was seen or overuse of exclusion materials are not practical techniques. A balanced approach pairs function with situation and effectiveness. 

Place baits in secured bait stations to keep them away from children and non-target species. Trap triggers belong along frequented travel paths. Exclusion efforts should occur at the source of entry, not every point along the path thereafter. 

Knowing which tools and techniques to use in each situation require a lot of research and trial and error. For the professional mice exterminator, the selection comes with experience. Professionals gain experience through:

  • state agency training
  • weekly education
  • field trials
  • experiencing thousands of mouse situations each year 

Safety should be a top priority. Safety includes: 

  • -avoiding negative environmental impacts
  • keeping people and pets away from poisons
  • saving fingers and toes free from trap attacks
  • protection from mice-borne diseases

How to identify the signs of mouse infestation

Mice do NOT belong in toy bins

What constitutes an infestation varies from person to person and situation to situation. For a farmer, a few mice in the handlines or chicken coup may be fine. When a single mouse enters the house, action against infestation should be taken. It just takes one pregnant mouse to start a family. 

Regardless of the mice sighting frequency or count, mice exterminators look for the following signs: 

  • nibbled on food
  • small black droppings
  • scratching or rustling sounds at night
  • stockpiles of food
  • nesting materials
  • tracks and trails in soft materials such as insulation 

People often confuse bat droppings with mice droppings. Squirrel scratching sounds can sound like mice. The experience of a well-trained mice exterminator saves the do it yourselfer time that is best spent on anything besides researching tooth widths. 

Remember that mice don’t always leave signs out in the open or in the silverware drawer for an easy find. Oftentimes, it takes thinking like a mouse and exploring tiny spaces that mice can squeeze in and out of. Think about passages the size of a dime or less and you are in the right ballpark. 

What are the ultimate benefits you will receive from professional mouse extermination? 

Taking on the job of mice exterminator has rewards of personal accomplishment, revenge, control, bragging rights, and new experiences. Conversely, the professional side offers: 

  • faster results from years of experience
  • safer outcomes for people, pets, wildlife, and the environment
  • more time to dedicate to a more meaningful hobby or recreation
  • more money in your pocket from fewer repeat treatments, more mental energy to expend at higher productivity that pays, and more time on your hands to exchange for what you value most
  • health benefits from removing exposure to mice and all the nasty environments they inhabit. 

Reach out to a Rove Pest Control mice exterminator specialist to lock in your benefits today.