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How to prepare for a cockroach treatment

Rove Pest Control Cockroach Preparation Sheet

Starting down the road of getting rid of cockroaches is an exciting first step. Taking the time to properly prepare for the cockroach treatment will help speed up the results of the technician’s efforts.


The following sanitation procedures will help eliminate food and harborage for cockroach populations.

  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly including floors, stove, range hood, and countertops. Clean inside and outside of the dishwasher. Pull out the refrigerator and stove and clean behind and underneath them. Complete all cleaning before treatment. Cleaning will require a grease solvent so that no food or grease residue remains.
  • Everything needs to be removed from the kitchen cupboards as well as above and below the sink and inside the drawers. Countertops must be cleaned. Wash the cupboards inside and out, wipe out drawers with a damp rag and cleaning solvent. Clean the sink and countertops thoroughly. Items may be placed on the kitchen table or on a couch/chair and should be covered with newspaper or a sheet.
  • Bathroom cabinets and under the bathroom sink should be cleaned. Wash cabinets inside and out, wipe out drawers with a damp rag, clean the sink, tub, and toilet inside and out. Wash the bathroom floor.
  • Pick up and remove all garbage from the home both inside and outside.
  • Vacuum all carpets After treatment

After Treatment

  • Thoroughly wash (with soap and water) all exposed eating surfaces including table and countertops as well as any exposed dishes or silverware. Do not wash any treated surfaces.
  • In cockroach control, sanitation is essential! Do not leave empty beverage bottles such as pop cans or milk containers inside the home. Keep areas under and behind the stove and fridge clean. Do not allow food and garbage to accumulate in areas where roaches feed or hide. Pet food should be stored in a sealed container and do not leave uneaten pet food in their food bowl. Do not leave food on the stove, counter, or in the sink.
  • It is normal to see some cockroaches for several days after the treatment. It may take several days for roaches hiding in inaccessible areas to come in contact with treated surfaces. Please allow a minimum of 10 to 14 days for the products to run their course before requesting a re-service.
  • Make sure the home remains clutter-free
  • If you have a medical condition or are sensitive to odors, it may be advisable to not enter the premises for at least 4 hours after treatment.

If you have questions before or after the treatment please contact Rove Pest Control.