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How to get rid of ticks in 24 hours or less

Ticks tend to be something that only works its way to the forefront of people’s minds when the chance of exposure suddenly changes. This is a fortunate feature of our human psychology. We don’t want to wander around stressing about ticks all day every day. Since the first tick of the season recently got reported in MN in FEBRUARY, it is a good time to visit the tick topic. Here is how to get rid of ticks in 24 hours or less. 

Edge control to reduce ticks

Ticks thrive at the margins of landscaping. This is a great place for a tick to climb up on a higher landscaping feature and grab hold of a passing animal or person. Additionally, rodents and other small animals are more comfortable hanging out where there is a bit of foliage cover. This leads to ticks hitching a ride on them and dropping off where they can find a new host. Reduce exposure to get rid of ticks from your yard in less than a day. 

Repellants to get rid of ticks

Repellants are a wonderful tool and getting rid of ticks in 24 hours or less. This is because repellants work immediately. Repellants also have the added benefit of being able to be applied wherever you are going. Just because you achieve a tick free yard for your graduation party does not mean that the next 23 grad parties you attend will be as thoughtful. Which repellant is best for you? Use the EPA’s search tool to figure out a great fit. Avoid using repellants not approved by the EPA. 

AcaricidesĀ help rid yards of ticks

After changing the environment and considering repellants, killing the ticks is a great option. Since ticks are not insects, you will need a product that is labeled for killing arachnids and specifically lists ticks on the label. There are many products with different active ingredients in them that work great. The key is to apply the product to where ticks are most likely to hang out. 

Personal Inspection

The most important point with tick control is they can really end up anywhere. This anywhere includes your body where they can unfortunately transmit diseases such as Lyme Disease, RMSF and others. It is important to inspect yourself for ticks regularly. Ticks can be the size of an appleseed as an adult or a poppyseed as a nymph. Since it typically takes at least 24 hours for a tick to embed and transmit a disease, daily inspections are a great way to get rid of ticks from your body in less time than it takes to transmit diseases. 

Professional speed

Worrying about how to get rid of ticks is brain power that could be better spent on determining what gifts to get al the graduates. Whatever your tick situation, Rove Pest Control can give you specific answers tailored to your specific needs. Find out what you need to know today.