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Verona Rodents Control

Verona, Wisconsin, is the perfect example of hometown USA. The small suburb provides a cozy, comfortable, and satisfying environment for residents and wildlife. Another fact all northern-midwesterners cannot deny is the freezing, windy winters we all endure. Not only do we experience these cold, frigid temperatures, but the wildlife of Verona suffer as well. More specifically, the mice. Verona rodent control is crucial to protect your home year-round.

We’ve all heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” This may be true for a potential mouse problem, but it is important to remember that rodent populations are often substantial and can go unseen for quite some time. A rodent presence can start with an open door, window, or even a dime-sized crevice. Once a rodent has made their home within yours, it becomes a prime location for reproduction and a common safe area from predators and seasonal weather.

Rodents seek many of the same things we need to survive. Mice have basic needs, including

  1. Food
    • Carbohydrates (seeds, nuts, berries, grain)
    • Mice aren’t picky! They’ll eat what they can find
  2. Water
    • Water from foods
    • Condensation
    • Sinks/tubs
    • Plumbing
  3. Shelter
    • Mice are prey animals who seek safety from predators
    • Escape the cold

Let’s talk winter for a moment. It’s something most of us anticipate and dread as the seasons change. We hunker down in our homes and find new activities to replace the summer sports and barbecues that are gone once again. Rodents have a different battle to overcome. The once fruitful nature is frozen, making it hard to find food, warmth, and shelter from predators. What better place to meet all these basic needs than in your warm home where snacks are always stocked, the temperature is warmer than outside, and the only predator is the chubby cat fast asleep on the sofa. Mice are resilient and extremely intelligent, making Verona rodent control even more critical for Verona homeowners.

Mice are survivalists and scavengers. Of course, winters are the most common time of year for rodent issues, but these little guys can be a nuisance year-round and often go unnoticed. With large populations, and the capacity to produce a new litter of young each month, it’s no wonder why mice are one of the most common pests, and arguably the most stressful, to experience. Verona rodent control can help decrease the

population around your home through exclusion and treatment tactics and alleviating the stress and fear of rodent invaders.

If the scratching in the walls, scampering in the attic, or droppings in the kitchen are causing unnecessary stress, fear, and disgust, don’t hesitate to contact Rove Pest Control for Verona rodent control.

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