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Verona Wasp Control

Verona, Wisconsin is a growing city filled with individuals and families who can enjoy a plethora of recreational activities and the inviting feeling of a small, suburban community. Within the community, there are thousands of residents who may be a nuisance while exploring Badger Prairie County Park but become an even bigger bother to a backyard barbecue or an afternoon in the garden. If you thought about your neighbor down the street or that one guy from the grocery store, we can’t quite help with that, but what we can help with is Verona Wasp Control!

Wasp Species

There are many varieties of wasps around the Midwest. The most common species include:

  • Paper wasps
  • Yellowjackets
  • Mud daubers

You may notice these semi-aggressive and territorial wasps hanging out by the soffits of your home, in the branches of a nearby tree, in a muddy tunnel-like nest, or coming from a hole in the ground. Their nests can get very large and dangerous if left unchecked. For your safety, contact a professional for Verona wasp control rather than attempting to remove a nest yourself to prevent any attacks from the wasp community in your backyard.


Verona is known for its small-town feel and recreational opportunities. The city offers a variety of sports activities and the famous Military Ridge Bike Trail. There are plenty of things to keep the city’s residents occupied and satisfied.

While we enjoy recreational activities, wasps have simple motives; eat and reproduce. They spend each day:

  • Hunting for prey insects
  • Scavenging
  • Building the nest
  • Protecting the queen and her eggs

But why would they spend every day working? Because it is instinctual and enjoyable for these flying insects. They are natural predators and protectors. These behaviors, while instinctual, can impact those with severe allergies or fears (not to mention those simply adverse to pain) and take away from the city’s outdoor experiences. Effective Verona wasp control can assure each day of summer will be enjoyable, as our warm days are limited!

Community Oriented

Verona, Wisconsin, is a town of about 14,000 people. Each individual has a role in the suburban city, helping the area grow and thrive. Much like how our community functions, wasps have a hierarchy of positions within the hive. Life for a wasp revolves around the queens who build a nest from the ground up. The queen then utilizes prime male wasps to mate and grow the hive. Many of the population will become workers for the hive, building and feeding the young larvae.

In Verona, the seasons change from sunny, warm fall to bitterly cold winter within weeks. But what happens to wasps in the winter? The typical assumption is that they die and are no longer an issue. But the truth behind this mystery is that the females destined to be queens hibernate in warm places such as wall voids, attics, garages, and other small spaces. When the queens stay warm and toasty, come spring, they can repopulate and create many new colonies around the city.

So Verona wasp control is essential year-round! Not only to keep your outdoor space free of unwanted, scary, and sometimes dangerous wasps but to defend your home from stow-aways and prevent colonies from taking over your yard. Rove Pest Control has a customized plan to keep Verona wasps where they should be.

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