Preventing Termites

Rove is proactive in assisting its customers who are at risk for termites, are currently dealing with an infestation, or those who are trying to avoid ever having a termite problem.

Rove’s team of termite specialists offers in-home analysis, landscape tips, educational information and preventative products so that all of the bases are covered to protect homes and families from an infestation.

A qualified and certified termite specialist inspects homes to identify places of vulnerability where termites could begin to populate before they are detected.  Customers are educated and given a thorough analysis of their home’s needs.


Annual inspections help to detect problem areas and warning signs as well as keep termite policies active.


Liquid treatment not only works to eliminate existing populations, but helps prevent future populations.


Moisture barriers will help avoid high moisture content in areas of concern around the home.

Landscaping adjustments under the direction of a termite specialist will help to identify high-risk mulches, landscaping, and yard debris.


In some situations, monitoring stations can also be placed in areas of the yard that are likely paths termites take to access a home.  These stations can be checked regularly to catch early invaders.


If utilized and followed, these steps of prevention will ensure early detection and if necessary, simplify the process of extermination.