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It’s beginning to look a lot like…Voles?

St. Paul isn’t necessarily known for its mild winters. Even though the calendar suggests the holiday season has arrived, Mother Nature isn’t paying attention. Nevertheless, the ruthless voles (meadow mice) certainly are aware of the mild temperatures and are feasting at a frantic rate. Soon enough the snow will fly and the vole populations that have been rapidly expanding will begin to decimate the local lawns as they create their refuge from the cold and collect their winter stores.

Your lawn…their dinner

A vole’s job is never done. These not so lovely, furry little creatures are active day and night (though typically more active at night during the warmer months when they do not have the snow cover to provide the wonderful protection from predators that nightfall provides the rest of the year), 365 days a year. Mild winters cause an increase in their burrowing activity which means more trouble for St. Paul lawns and landscaping next spring. Voles dig short, shallow burrows and make underground nests of grass, stems and leaves. In areas with snow, voles will burrow in and through the snow to the surface.

Look for the signs

To prevent vole damage it’s necessary to manage their population before it reaches high numbers. Once their numbers begin increasing rapidly, the damage they cause to ornamental and garden plants, as well as lawns, can be extremely severe. Paying attention to areas near heavy vegetation is critical in identifying potential trouble spots for voles.

Call Rove

Rove specialists have performed thousands of vole treatments throughout the years and know the best techniques to help avoid potential outbreaks of voles. You work too hard to ensure your lawn is healthy and your landscaping looks just right, don’t let voles take over…call Rove! Enjoy your egg nog and family this holiday season knowing Rove has your vole needs covered.

Vole Control and Extermination

Vole Control and Extermination