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Graveyard of Wings

As you sweep out the detached garage in preparation for the piles of salt and dirt that are going to accumulate over the next several months of long, harsh St Paul winters, you notice a small, but significant pile of tiny, see-through insect wings up against the corner of the floor and the wall. As you get closer, you notice they look very much like ant or wasp wings, but why would they be in here? You haven’t noticed any ants around here and it would be hard as well as very strange for wasps to come hang around here and leave their wings behind. Unfortunately, the most likely answer is termites left them behind.

What Kind of Wing

Before getting overly concerned or excited about the potential for house-eating insects, it is worth taking a closer look. The wings of a termite are evenly rounded on the end and do not have sharp angles or direction changes. In addition to the smooth roundness at the end, the termite wings are the same length unlike ants. If they are the same length and are evenly rounded, you may be dealing with termites.

Where Did They Come From

Termites are found naturally all around the parks and protected wetland areas of St Paul. They normally do the job to which nature assigned them and feed on the dead fall that accumulates in wooded thickets, however as populations expand, termite swarmers will develop in the colony and will fly off to find new places to turn into termite population centers. Unfortunately for you, your home, garage, and shed all contain the cellulose and structure necessary for a termite colony to survive.

A Trained Eye

Despite your confidence in your abilities to recognize the difference in insect wing types, it is always a good idea to get an expert on site when there is a possibility of dealing with an insect that causes billions of dollars of property damage each year. Lucky for you, the Termite Specialists at Rove Pest Control have all the training and experience necessary to only help you identify what is going on, but they will put together the quickest solution possible for you to help you restore peace of mind. In addition, Rove’s Termite Specialists can help you alter the environment to protect you from future intrusions.

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