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Rove Pest Control,
Shoreview Minnesota

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Rove Pest Control, Shoreview Minnesota

The city motto for Shoreview Minnesota is “You are here.” Self-awareness in Shoreview is a good thing since 96% of our population approve of their quality of life. However, numerous insects in Shoreview know “You are here” as well, since you are the main course on their menu. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, spiders, and bedbugs find humans irresistible.

Even Bugs like a Clean Home

Many people associate bedbugs with filthy homes, thinking that the pests are attracted to clutter. Unfortunately, this is not the case, bedbugs can be found anywhere. They hitch rides in luggage and clothes brought from hotels and movie theaters. Once the pest has found a way into a home, they can quickly become a serious infestation. A single, female bedbug can produce over 500 eggs. In four weeks the next generation becomes capable of reproduction and soon there are too many to count.

Bedbugs are photophobic, meaning they hide from bright areas. You’ll find them under box springs, in electrical outlets, under furniture and even behind pictures. They feed at night, slipping from their hiding places to feast on human blood. Bites turn into angry welts and bloody spots of bedbug defecation can be found all around the sleeping area.

Get Rid of Your Pests

Don’t let bedbugs dine on you or keep you from a peaceful night sleep. If you even suspect an infestation, it’s time to call in the professionals. Rove Pest Control in Shoreview, MN uses the most proactive, precise and innovative resources to combat any and all bedbug issues. Using a specialized heat treatment method that kills the adults, nymphs and eggs, Rove Pest Control will quickly get the problem under control.

Rove offers a variety of treatments for any pest. From your initial inspection until the last pest has dropped dead, Rove will provide you with the most effective solutions for elimination.