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What natural methods can I use to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are known for their resistance to chemicals. Whether you want to avoid exposure to chemicals or simply want to avoid issues of super bed bugs resisting chemicals, natural control is ideal. Let’s explore the question, What natural methods can I use to get rid of bed bugs?

What is a natural method?

The definition of natural when it comes to controlling bed bugs can be slippery. Heat and cold can be a natural control measure, but drastically changing the temperature beyond natural levels in a dwelling can be negative in certain situations. This makes a natural enemy the most intriguing option to explore.

Bed Bug Battle: A 5-Day Fungal Takedown

Rove Pest Control’s service manager in the Michigan office loves to investigate bugs. JB also gets a kick out of seeing the treatments we have for them put in play. He captured a bed bug that had been treated with Aprehend and kept it in a moist environment to see the fungal spores take down the bed bug.

Bed Bug Battle: Day 1

Since we want bed bugs gone quickly. It is great to see immediate fungal growth after only 24 hours.

Bed Bug Battle: Day 2

After just 2 days, it is easy to see how one parasitized bed bug making it back into a wall void could take out a whole population.

Day 3 of the fungal death

At this point, the bed bugs are starting to fade into the predominant white fuzz.

The 4th day of fungus vs bed bug

By the 4th day, the bed bug looks more like a snow puppy than a bed bug.

Fifth and final day of spores

The nearly white creature represents a fresh start to sleeping freely.

Bed Bug Free is non-negotiable

Your health and well-being start with great sleep. Protect your sleep by getting rid of bed bugs that are torturing you or by preventing them from venturing in. Rove’s Aprehend services are a natural way to eliminate and prevent bed bugs. Reach out to our bed bug specialists today to learn more.