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Be Our Guests You Pests

After watching a great Sox game or grabbing some great produce form Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough is the perfect place for pests to become your unwelcome guests. Stink bugs have roomy halls to wander though, sneaky ants have plenty of places to hide in, and rodents have a warm place to call home. Luckily you have Rove Pest Contrl as your Southborough pest control experts

Signs can be slow in the cool months, but we all know what happens when summer starts to come around  – You’ll quickly find that you’ll have some unwanted guests at your next summer barbeque.


Your home is a wicked convenient place for pests

You weren’t the only ones to hear about Southborough being one of the 100 Best Places to Live by CNN Money, pests heard too and they are making their way in; You can hear the critters crawling through your walls, and even see the trails of damage they have left behind.

Of course you did what you thought you should be doing when it comes to pest control, but it all too often seems like pests are an out of sight, out of mind thing and they unfortunately made their way into your home. And once the bed bugs, mice, roaches, and creepy crawlies have snuck themselves into your home, good luck getting them out on your own.


It’s check out time for pests

Once you have an infestation on your hands, Is it too late? Should you leave it alone and hope it goes away? Should you be a do-it-yourselfer and do your own pest control?

None of the above – Step One should be to seek help from a trusted Southborough pest control company.

As Southborough pest control experts, we know what works and what doesn’t so we can get your home back as it should be…pest free. Our professional Massachusetts exterminators have the training, experience, and know how to quickly and smoothly take care of your pest problems, and will work fast so that you can enjoy your summer without having to worry about pests.


Frequently Asked Questions About Southborough Pest Control

Q: I haven’t been seeing pests in my home. Why bother hiring a pest control service?

A: It’s probably the best time of year to have a pest control service treat your home. Waiting can cause an issue and then it would cost more and take longer to treat. If you aren’t seeing pests, that’s a good thing, so let us keep it that way. You can set up a simple maintenance program to keep pests away and keep your home pest free.

Q: What if it’s winter? Won’t all the pests just die without hiring a pest control service? Why should I have a pest control company do any treatments in the winter?

A: Just because you aren’t seeing a lot of pests in your home, doesn’t mean that they aren’t just hiding. Pests go through a life cycle each year, and most often during the winter they are nesting and hibernating in your home.

You may not be seeing many pests, but for the most part, they are building in numbers as spring time approaches. As warmer weather comes around, the pests you left unchecked over the winter start to emerge and an infestation could be quickly approaching. When it comes to Southborough pest control, we recommend a maintenance program year round to keep pests in check and to eliminate chances of getting a major infestation.

Q: I do my own pest control, why would I need to hire a pest control company?

A: Kudos for doing your own pest control, unfortunately that isn’t always enough. One thing that’s important to remember is that the products that you can get at the store are usually much different than the ones you can get through a professional Southborough pest control service and are often less reliable and effective.

The benefits of hiring a pest control service like Rove Pest Control is that the products we use have a longer residual effect than those you could get over the counter. What this means for you is that you won’t waste your time and money using inferior products. When you hire Rove vs. doing your own pest control, you can save yourself time and money.

Keep it up if you are already doing your own pest control! One of the things our customers love at Rove Pest control is that we treat right along side the at-home pest control efforts you are doing. We will create a full barrier around your home to keep more pests out in addition to the pest control you are currently doing on your own.

Q: How do I know Rove Pest Control will do better than any other Southborough pest control service that I could hire?

A: There are several things you should keep in mind for choosing the right pest control service for your home or business. Does the company have a service guarantee like Rove Pest Control does? If between service treatments you start seeing excess pests, Rove will treat again for free to make sure you are satisfied with the results of our service.

Q: I’m having bed bug issues, do you treat for bed bugs?

A: At Rove pest control, we have heat treatment that is state of the art that we use to get rid of bed bugs. Not only is this treatment safer than a chemical-only treatment it is also more effective.

We raise the temperature in the residence high enough to kill all bed bugs and after a few hours your home or apartment is safe for your return. In addition to getting rid of the bed bugs, this treatment doesn’t damage things in your home.

Q: Do you only treat residentially or can you treat my business as well?

A: Here at Rove Pest Control, we treat commercial property as well as residential locations. Let us keep your home and business safe from pests.

The team at Rove can treat for many pests, such as rodents, flies, ants and more. Rove Pest Control is ready to help with all of your Southborough control needs.

And don’t worry – we plan on getting rid of these invaders forever, so that you are pest free for good.

Today is the day to take back your home. Call us now.

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