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"I had cockroaches move into my dishwasher. I contacted Rove and the bugs were gone after only one treatment, and I haven't seen them in a little over a year. I would definitely recommend Rove!"

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Roaches Wandering Through Southborough

We like to think that cockroaches are limited to just the city proper of Boston, but that is not the case. Roaches are just as likely to wander through your Southborough home as they will in the north end. The more you know about roaches and what signs to watch for, the more likely you are to stay ahead of a roach family paying you a visit. Here is what you need to know about Southborough cockroaches.

cockroach life stages

Cockroach Tendencies

Cockroaches are famous for their ability to survive. If they have enough food, they can survive a lot of circumstances and the amount of food is typically less than you would think. They also are less picky about food preferences than most insects. They are nocturnal so they can thrive undetected for significant periods of time. In addition, they are thigmotropic meaning they are highly responsive to touch. They prefer to squeeze into tight, secure places that tend to keep them out of sight until their population pressures force them out into the open.


Cockroaches are omnivores that scavenge for food. They will consume anything from splattered oil, sweets, starches and meats to decaying matter, hair, books, etc. Their propensity to eat can be used against them in the control process, but it needs to be leveraged both ways – removal of food that will build up their populations and the addition of food that will diminish it.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Since cockroaches like to hide and prefer nocturnal movement, it can take a while to notice a population. Signs that can be observed include:

  • Droppings – roaches leave small droppings that have a similar appearance to
  • Ootheca – some roach species carry their egg cases with them, but others will stick them to surfaces where they may be observed.
  • Cast skins
  • Smear marks
  • Live roaches
  • Observed property damage – anytime unexplained damage occurs, it should be investigated to determine the source. Doing so will help determine if it is from roaches, rodents, etc.
  • Neighbors have roaches
  • Musky odor

Roach Control Methods

cockroach infestation

Like most pests, roaches require a combination of control efforts to take care of them. These include:

  • Monitoring – even something as simple as glue boards can help indicate roach presence
  • Sanitation
  • Removal of food sources
  • Minimizing hiding places by reducing clutter
  • Bait
  • Insect growth regulators
  • Dusts
  • Sprays
  • Temperature reduction
  • Humidity reduction
  • Exclusion

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

1. Headless is OK – at least for a while. They can live for about a week without a head to take in water
2. Sleepy – they spend about ¾ of their time resting
3. Breathless – cockroaches can be submerged in water for approximately 30 minutes
4. Speedy – They are able to move about at a rate of about 3 miles per hour. This is pretty quick germ spreading.
5. Chocoroach – The FDA has deemed up to 8 insect parts in a bar of chocolate safe.
6. Speedy II – Even more impressive than the adult speed is the one day old roach which can run almost as fast as the adult
7. Historians – roaches date back to the carboniferous era and lasted all through the dinosaur periods through today. They aren’t going away.

If you’re seeing signs of roaches in your home, do not wait, contact Rove Pest Control now for a free cockroach control quote.

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