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Phoenix Pest Control

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Rove Pest Control – Phoenix, AZ

From the Hole in the Rock to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is full of features that draw in tourists. Interestingly, the attraction of these natural features mirrors the attraction our homes have to local Phoenix insects and arachnids. Without protective measures, spiders, ants, wasps, scorpions, and more will flock like tourists into our homes.

Sun Seekers & Sun Escapers

In the Valley of the Sun, full-time residents and part-time residents of Phoenix seek the warmth and health provided by the abundant sun rays. However, when the summer or mid-day rays get too strong, we all head indoors for comfort and protection. Phoenix pests are no different. They love the sun and breed in abundance, but when it gets too hot, they’re headed inside. They’ll take shelter in your home, sheds, or any pile of debris they can find around the yard. These locations are like the Desert Botanical Garden providing harborage that helps spiders and scorpions develop happy hunting and breeding grounds. Minimizing access through integrated pest management procedures will keep pest levels in control. Our Phoenix pest experts will help you identify ways to minimize access and harborage while providing preventive barriers around your home to keep pests where they belong.

Pool Access

It is hard to enjoy life in Phoenix without access to a personal, a friend’s pool, or great water parks such as Oasis or Wet n’ Wild. The same goes for the roaches, wasps, and millipedes. Our pools and plumbing provide them with the wet and wild oasis they need to survive and even thrive. Our pest services put barriers between pests and water sources as well as identify areas that need adjustment to keep pest activity knocked down.

Get Rid of These Pests Once and For All

Whether you have pests that have been hanging around for years or just set out the welcome mat on your new home, we have the service for you. We will customize the pest control service to your home and surroundings to maximize the potential pest protection for you and the ones you love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix Pest Control

The best place to stop pests is in their tracks in the sand and rock outside. Our goal with any home is to get to the point where applications are being made from the outside to keep pests out. If something does creep inside, the inside is always covered with our service guarantee.

We provide seasonal service, so whatever the season, we have the corresponding service to get you started on the right foot and have you prepared for seasons to come.

While it is true that scorpions are some of Phoenix’s toughest pests, they are still susceptible to the right combination of products and control measures. We will help identify the places to target to stop them at their source.

2 decades of experience goes a long way in the battle with insects and arachnids. More importantly than the years, we have spent battling bugs in the trenches, we provide a service guarantee. If you need additional treatment, we are going to take care of you free of charge.

We have custom services for every type of property. From restaurants to manufacturing facilities to residences, we have the tools, products, and knowledge to tackle the toughest pest situations.

If you have a pest problem call in your local pest control experts located right here in Phoenix at 602-962-2345. Our technicians will inspect your area and create a customized pest control plan just for you and your pest problems.