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Cultural Diversity


Minneapolis is full of many cultures and ethnicities…and we are not referring to just the people! Minneapolis wildlife is much like the people; many sizes, shapes, backgrounds and differentiating characteristics and they have another thing in common…they are here to stay! From flying rodents (our description of bats) to raccoons, squirrels, skunks and more, each species of wildlife in Minneapolis has a unique way of living thus has a unique way of crossing paths with humans.

What do they want with my home?

When we are called to a home in Minneapolis for a wildlife issue, we often get the question, “What do they want with my home?” Well, there are many things in and around a home that make a home a target of our wildlife in Minneapolis. First, and probably the biggest need for wildlife is protection from the elements. Wildlife needs a place to get away from weather and other predators. Second, wildlife will search out a place to nest. Homes and structures adjacent to homes provide many places where wildlife can have and protect their young. Finally, wildlife want a place where food is available or in close proximity. With Minneapolis homes being built in forested areas or near water, there are many advantages to living in or around a home for food gathering purposes.

Areas to watch

There are many areas watch in your efforts to keep wildlife away from your home. Garages, many times, are the first area of concern in and around your home. Most homes do not have garage doors that close tight enough to keep critters out. We also tend to leave garages open for long periods of time allowing unhindered access for the foraging squirrel or raccoon. Attics provide quiet protection and nesting material for wildlife. Eaves and soffit provide small voids where wildlife can access and be undisturbed. Doors and windows need to be inspected for places that are not tight to the structure and need to be closed when not in use. Piping coming into the home must be sealed tight. Chimneys are another area of concern for wildlife access. Outside of your home, keep a watchful eye under decks and other structures that provide cover and protection for wildlife.

Rove Wildlife Service

Despite our best efforts to monitor and discourage access to our homes, Minneapolis wildlife will inevitably gain access at some point in time. Do not worry, just call Rove Pest Control and ask for our Rove Wildlife Specialist. With many years of experience dealing with wildlife in Minneapolis, our Rove Wildlife Specialist will identify the wildlife species that has invaded your space, remove the wildlife, and provide options for remedying the situation in the future. Call Rove today!

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