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Edina, Minnesota
Pest Control

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No More Across the 494

Each year the residents join together in a giant mind meld hoping the outskirt cities around the metro will act as a buffer and barrier in keeping the pests at bay, but each year it seems the bugs find their way across the ever-packed 494 to join you in your yards, and even worse, inside your homes. Oddly enough, it is not a giant migration that is occurring, but the majority of bugs actually simply take up residence in your home over the winter.

Over the where?

Over the winter, these pests more technically known as insects and arachnids find places within your home such as under cement slabs, in wall voids, and in landscaping where they can find enough shelter and heat radiating off the home to keep them protected during winter. While they do not technically hibernate, they will go into extreme inactivity waiting for the first signs of spring to warm their thick innards and give them life.

Make it stop

While there is no magic force field that can be installed to cover your home and yard and keep every unwanted visitor out, there is plenty that can be done to make sure you can enjoy the inside of your own home and the portions of nature outside of your home that you like without being bombarded by bugs. You don’t even need to hire a full time bug watchman!

The bug hitmen

General Pest Specialists at Rove Pest Control know just which bugs like to attack at which time of the year. They have all of the tools and plans necessary to protect you and your family from insect invasion. Whether you need a foundation barrier treatment, nests removed from the eaves, or precision treatment inside of the home, Rove Pest Control has you covered. Call Rove today and put the hit out on your most hated pests.