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Madison Spider Control

The string of lakes from Lake Mendoza to Lake Kegonsa along the Yahara provide a plethora of benefits to those of us lucky enough to live in Madison. I would imagine your initial thought goes to great things that people do with those lakes, but Madison has more than people who love the water. Madison’s resident spiders are highly dependent on the water as well. Since the water is so abundant throughout, it adds challenges to Madison spider control.

Water & spiders

You probably don’t initially connect spiders with water. They are not in need of large amounts of H2O directly, but they feed on other Arthropoda that are more closely tied to the water. Take the mosquito for example. Mosquitoes have to have water to lay their eggs. Some prefer to put their eggs in mud while others are on rafts on the water. The more mosquitoes that hatch, the more the spider has to eat.

Spiders as pest controllers

We love the fact that spiders help control other pests. Unfortunately, spiders don’t care about the end results. They are just selfish predators. They are not going to choose to live in a spot where a meal or snack diminishes the overall population. They are going to set up shop where they can eat their fill day in and day out and not have to worry about moving somewhere else.

Spider travel

It can be surprising to see how quickly spiders take up residence in a place such as new construction. If there is food around, they are going to show up. They get to and fro through several means including hitching a ride on shipped goods, traveling on our transportation devices, weaving a silk wind catcher and riding to the next spot, or just hiking from one building to the next. Regardless of how they get there, if there is a food source for them they are hanging around.

Armored legs

Spiders don’t react to control methods exactly the same way as insects do. Their external and internal body structures are significantly different. This can provide additional challenges to home and business owners that are looking to reduce their spider populations. Spiders are more susceptible to treatments that are applied in areas where they have to squeeze through and expose their abdomen to it.

Control the Prey – Control the predator

Rather than spend excessive amounts of time chasing spiders around and knocking down their webs every day, the more effective route revolves around their prey. As we discussed earlier, spiders want plenty to eat. An effective spider control program focuses on reducing the population of their food source and getting it to a point where both the treatment against the spiders is more effective and the remaining spiders would rather move on.

Know the predators

Knowing which prey to focus on depends on accurately identifying which spiders are in high supply. If you are dealing with wolf spiders, you don’t need to worry much about the winged insects that move about via flight. Wolf spiders are ground hunters and chase or ambush their prey. These would much more likely go after an ant or a beetle than a wasp or a gnat. An orb weaver on the other hand is all about feeding on flyers. The more you know about the spiders you want gone, the more you can hone the treatment in and make it more effective.

Call in the pros

Whether you just hate seeing webs, don’t want to learn what a cephalothorax is, or don’t care what an eye configuration has to do with accurate spider identification; the Arachnid specialists at Rove Pest Control can put together the plan to fit your needs. Having a trained eye dive into the situation will make for a much smoother ride to complete Madison spider control.

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