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Hudson Wasps Control

In beautiful, scenic Hudson, we say goodbye to winter and hello to sunshine, barbeques, and outdoor recreation (more than once each year)! The excitement floods Midwesterners to the point where t-shirts and shorts break out once it gets above 40 degrees. The changing weather also welcomes our grill party nemeses: the wasp. Whether you’ve noticed a nest, have an undeniable fear, or you’re allergic to these flying foes, it’s never too late to get Hudson wasp control in place.

Wasp Identification

Wasps are a rather diverse species that include an array of solitary and social wasps.

The most common species that are part of Hudson wasp control plans include

  • Paper wasps
  • Yellowjackets
  • Mud daubers

Paper wasps and yellow jackets are considered social insects because they build nests and have a hierarchy of queens, reproductive males, and workers. These wasps and yellow jakcets are more likely to cause a painful sting because they are hardwired to protect and defend territory. Also, they define their territory as anything they want to be their territory, even if you already claimed that coke as your own.

Mud daubers are less social and are less likely to cause harm but still have an intimidating appearance that may frighten even the toughest grill master.

Many wasps can be identified by color, including yellow markings paired with black, red, and brown variations. In contrast to the fluffy honey bee, wasps also have a smooth, long body. And if you get up close and personal, you can see the segmented body parts, distinct dangling legs, and wing variations that set them apart from our beloved bees. Proper identification is a key part of Hudson wasp control to ensure we protect the bees and other wildlife we love.


Historic Hudson is the ideal destination on the St. Croix River for many types of gatherings and is abundant with delicious foods, small shops, museums, and parks. The town provides the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation that tourists adore and residents appreciate. Wasps are comparable to us in the sense of tourism. Some find a place to call home and repeatedly build nests in these comfortable areas that satisfy their needs. Others travel from place to place, looking for the next best place to call home for the summer.

As travel and tourism come to a halt in the winter months, so does wasp activity, but where do they go? It is assumed that they all die off and are no longer an issue. But the truth is that the females who will be queen hibernate in warm places such as wall voids, attics, garages, and other small spaces. When the queens stay warm and toasty, the cycle starts over, and they begin to repopulate and create many new colonies around the city and possibly in your

backyard. Since wasp behavior changes throughout the year, Hudson wasp control should include corresponding seasonal adjustments.

When to Start Hudson Wasp Control

It’s never too early, or late, to begin evicting any unwelcome guests, including wasps! When wasps interfere with the joy that comes with warm, sunny weather or threatens your safety, that’s a cause for concern, and Hudson wasp control is the next step to take. For those that don’t want to experience the threat at all, contact Rove’s Hudson wasp experts to start measures before the stress or anxiety starts!

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