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Bartlesville, OK

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Rove Pest Control – Bartlesville, OK

Bartlesville is a small yet pleasant city in Northern Oklahoma. Unfortunately, like every other city in the United States, it is not exempt from pest problems that plague homeowners and cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to repair. The main pests that a homeowner has to deal with are mice, ants, roaches, fleas and flies. However, termites and bedbugs are also fairly common as well.

A homeowner can and should take steps to deal with any of these pests before calling in a pest control company. If there are any cracks or crevices in the home exterior, these should be completely sealed as soon as possible. The home should be kept clean and food should never be left on the floor or kitchen counter tops. Food garbage should be emptied every single night, leftover food should be cleaned out from the kitchen sink drain and any pet food bowls should be placed in a plate with water so ants and roaches cannot get to the pet’s food.


A Bartlesville homeowner who has an ant or roach problem should invest in insecticide. Cockroaches and rats can be dealt with by purchasing bait and/or poison. However, if one has tried to get rid of pests to no avail, then calling in a pest control company is a must. Pests such as rats and ants not only spread sickness but also cause actual structural damage to the home.

A good Bartlesville pest control company will not just eliminate the pests but also give a homeowner good advice on how to prevent these pests from coming back. Furthermore, the company will over a customer satisfaction guarantee stating that the job will either be done right the first time or done over at the company’s expense. Rove Pest Control is a good company of this nature, as the company not only does a good job put also provides a free inspection to make sure that all the pests will be completely eliminated when fumigation is done.

Sometimes, pest control can be a challenging task. However, a wise homeowner will do everything possible to keep pests from getting into the house and causing damage. Many homeowners are in fact able to get rid of harmful pests without professional assistance. However, if all else fails, then calling on a reliable pest control service will enable a homeowner to rid the home of ants, roaches, fleas, mice and other unwanted insects and rodents.

If you are experiencing pest control issues in you Tulsa, OK home, Rove is here to help. Also, learn more about theTulsa service area by visiting our page about insect control in Tulsa.

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