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Wixom Rodent Control

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After coming home from a long day of work all you want to do is relax. Imagine sitting by the TV watching your favorite show when suddenly a mouse runs across the floor in front of you. Sadly this can be a common occurrence in Wixom. Rodents (specifically mice and voles) can be anywhere in Michigan. One common spotted rodent in the area is the deer mouse. It is important to know what attracts deer mice to your home, why they can be dangerous, and how to prevent them. Wixom rodent control includes both getting rid of mice as well as keeping them away. 

What Attracts Deer Mice?

Deer mice love to live in and near homes, barns, and any structure they can use to heat themselves in the winter. Deer mice also love to eat! They are attracted to homes with plenty of vegetation and locations with piles of rocks or firewood to use as protection from predators. Sometimes what they see is attractive piles of rocks that are what we intended for landscape decoration. Wixom is a perfect location for deer mice to live because of the water sources and the plethora of hiding locations. Wixom rodent control starts with finding and solving inviting habitat. 

Why are Deer Mice Dangerous to Humans?

Deer mice with their giant ears are just so cute and tiny. How can they be a threat to us? As you know, most rodents carry diseases that can spread to humans. Deer mice transmit the fatal Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). HPS can cause fatal infections by breathing air that is contaminated by deer mice urine, saliva and droppings. As of right now, there are little to no options for treatment of HPS. Because of this, the best form of protection is to avoid deer mice and their habitats. When working on Wixom rodent control that involves or may even possibly involve deer mice, respiratory protection is a must. 

How do you Prevent Deer Mice?

Most deer mice can fit through a hole as wide as a pencil. Make sure to seal these holes and any possible entry points deer mice may use to get into your home or business. As you know, deer mice love vegetation. It is important to keep your lawn well-manicured and free of weeds. Wixom rodent control may also include removing clutter from the yard to make it less attractive to deer mice. Another helpful way to prevent deer mice is to use a professional pest control company to monitor activity and prevent them from coming into your house.

Follow Up!

Changes in construction, landscaping, weather, etc. will spur changes to rodent populations of all sorts. As you know, as house foundations settle, it leaves cracks and crevices that act as free access points for rodents. Keep in mind, Wixom rodent control may include issues outside of your direct control. One example is if you have a neighbor who doesn’t take care of their lawn. The deer mice may be attracted to this and could use your house as shelter because you left your garage open while working on your motorcycle. Changes outside of your control require the constant fine tuning of your Wixom rodent control plan. At Rove, we keep the adjustments on our plate so you can get back to your bike. 

Reach out to a pest specialist to get your custom plan in place so you don’t have to worry about sharing your home with rodents and other pests. You deserve the peace of mind that there are no mice living in your house.

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