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Commerce Charter Township
Bed Bug Control

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Commerce Charter Township Bed Bug Control

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There is something special about setting up permanent residence in a location that was originally deemed a resort destination. From the landscape view is to the waterways, living in Commerce Charter Township should be appreciated daily. While there are many factors that play into our township feeling like a human paradise, for the bed bugs, there is just one element – the blood meal. Just 15 miles outside of Detroit and with plenty of visitors, Commerce Charter Township bed bug control keeps our blood from being unwillingly donated.

The Role of the Blood Meal

When it comes to eating, bed bugs do not need a lengthy menu to peruse. They can only metabolize one thing: blood. No meat, honey, or anything else will help them in the absence of a blood meal. Interestingly, their menu only gets more specific beyond blood. The different types of bed bugs have specific host preferences for their blood meals such as:

  • bat bugs – prefer bat blood
  • common bed bug – prefers human blood
  • swallow bugs – prefer blood from swallows

These voracious insects dial in their preferences and stick to the same thing over and over again. The instars require a blood meal to advance from one nymphal stage to the next. The adults simply need it for sustenance. Commerce Charter Township bed bug control efforts should target each stage of the bed bug’s existence:

  • egg
  • nymph
  • adult

Clutter Reduction

Since bed bugs only feed on blood, their presence is not indicative of any lack of cleanliness. Despite this, clutter reduction can aid the effectiveness of Commerce Charter Township bed bug control. Bed bugs are as small as a watermelon seed and similarly shaped. This allows them to squeeze into some impressively small spaces and through some unbelievably small cracks and crevices. Reducing the number of places they can hide will help improve the effectiveness of control measures.


Bed bugs reproduce through a process called traumatic inception. This involves the male stabbing the female through her abdomen to impregnate her. In order to protect her life long enough to lay her precious eggs, she will oftentimes run away from the population center. This not only protects her, but promotes the spread of their population. As those eggs hatch, they are starting from a different point from the main population and may find better feeding grounds. This also opens the door for those newly hatched instars to hitchhike on a passerby and end up in an entirely new living space. The bed bug’s master hitchhiker status requires that investigation occurs as part of Commerce Charter Township bed bug control to avoid the reintroduction of bed bugs after they have been eliminated.

Professional Care

It is easy to get anxious about bed bugs and start putting chemicals anywhere and everywhere. We encounter many situations where people are exposing themselves or their loved ones to unnecessary pesticides and still struggling with the bugs’ presence. The bed bug gurus at Rove Pest Control have various tools at our disposal to make the battle against these intrusive blood suckers quick and efficient. These tools may include:

  • Inspection
  • Monitoring
  • Pitfall traps
  • Void treatments
  • Barrier applications
  • Crack and Crevice Treatments
  • Heat Treatment
  • Biological Controls

Whatever the circumstance, we will custom build the application to get the control process on the fast track so you can get back to living the resort life.

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