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Bed Bug Control

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Milford Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of nature’s most annoying pests. You may disagree and say mosquito, but at least you can go home and get away from those blood suckers. Not only do bed bugs invade your most personal space – your bed, but bed bugs are known to be the world’s most prolific hitchhikers. Here in Milford, we are close to the epicenter of international travel meaning we are likely to come across these insects at some point. This is true whether we know it or not. Whether you have had direct experience with bed bugs or some near misses, it is good to brush up on the key components of Milford bed bug control.

What do Bed Bugs Like to Eat?

Bed bugs are a blood parasite meaning that they feed on the blood of a host. A host can range from humans to birds, but each species of bed bug is specific on its tastes. Bat bugs, for example, like to feed on bats. They will venture out and try something else with enough hunger pressure if the bats leave, but they want their bat blood. When it comes to the common bed bug, our homes are a perfect place to find a host. Once they find a host, they set up shop and start the reproductive process.

4 Signs of Bed Bugs

1. Skin

No, don’t go inspecting your skin for bed bugs. They are not that small. They are about the size and shape of a watermelon seed. They will feed on you and go back into hiding. What about identifying the bites? Unfortunately, everybody reacts differently to their anesthetic saliva. Some people don’t react at all. Most people get small red bumps similar to mosquito bites. Some swell more than others.

The skin that plays into Milford bed bug control includes cast skins. When bed bugs grow and develop from the nymphal instar phase, they molt. This leaves behind the outer shell of what they were previously. Seeing one of these means deeper inspection and attack mode need to ensue.

2. Fecal Matter

As gross as it is, bed bugs poop. They poop a lot. After a nice blood meal, they go in search of a place to hide. As they squeeze into these tiny places, it oftentimes pushes out a small pellet of fecal matter that looks like a fleck of pepper. If you start seeing piles of pepper along the seams of a mattress, box spring or baseboard, look for other signs as well.

3. Blood Smears

Being a bed bug is not without its risks. They are oftentimes squished by sudden movements by their host during rest. This will lead to streaks and spots of blood that will show up on sheets and blankets. Blood spots that don’t’ have clear explanations are oftentimes a clue to start up the old Milford bed bug control process.

4. Eggs

In some cases, you may find small, milky white in color elongated oval eggs. They are typically placed into cracks and crevices and are hard to find, but they are findable. It is not as easy to be sure of a bed bug’s presence as is locating a bed bug itself, but they are great indicators to hunt for. A bed bug may produce up to 500 eggs during her life.

Effects of Bed Bugs


In cases of extreme infections that host can experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • In some cases, the development of an abnormal fear and obsession with bed bugs can happen.


  • Welts from bites
  • Sores from scratching
  • Anemia – Anemia is a state of a low amount of blood in your body that leads to a lethargic state. Bed bugs take a very small amount of blood however if there is large enough infestation anemia can occur.

The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Call for Backup

Controlling bed bugs is a task typically left to the certified pest controllers. They are easy to spread due to their tendency to hitchhike and the ability for a new infestation only requires one impregnated female. Because bed bugs reproduce through traumatic inception, females heading out elsewhere to lay eggs is quite likely. The best course of action is to call a certified pest control company. Our bed bug experts at Rove Pest Control can provide a thorough inspection to determine the presence (or lack thereof) and the service necessary for quick and efficient removal.

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