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Framingham Ant Control

The behavior of ants is important to know before going out and buying something off-the-shelf in an attempt to stop them. More often than not, ants have entered your home for two reasons: they’re seeking out food or looking for shelter.

What do ants like to eat?

Earlier in the season, when it’s warmer, ants are expanding their colony and searching for more protein and grease-based foods (like meats, cheese, and seeds.) Once the temperature begins to drop—as it does far too quickly here in Framingham—ants will start seeking out sweets and grain-based foods (like candy, cereals, dog food.) These will provide them with carbohydrates and give them the energy to survive the cold weather.

Due to the size of an ant’s body, they have the ability to squeeze through almost any crack or crevice around your home. It really depends on the time of the year as to why they might be entering your home.

Listed below are three of the most common types of ants you might find in your home.

3 popular types of ants in Framingham, MA

1. Odorous House Ants

There’s a good chance that you’re dealing with this type of ant if you’re finding them in your kitchen or the bathroom. These ants prefer to stay near pipes, drains, or any other area that contains high levels of moisture.

Wondering why they’re called odorous house ants? Try stepping on one. These ants will produce a foul scent when they’re squished. The scent that they give off is often compared to rotten coconut and, occasionally, blue cheese. Gross!

2. Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are very similar in size to odorous house ants. They’re often found building ant hills in the cracks of driveways, sidewalks, and paths.

All it takes is one bad seal on a door or window for these pesky little things to form a caravan and make their way inside. Once inside your home, they’ll build nests behind baseboards or under cabinets.

3. Carpenter Ants

Considering the fact that both carpenter ants and termites burrow into wood, they’re often mistaken for one another. Termites will actually digest the wood that they chew, but carpenter ants will discard it.

An easy way to tell the difference is by looking at the surface below the damage. If you see a pile of sawdust, you’re in luck, because you’re most likely dealing with carpenter ants.

The easiest ways to get rid of ants

Now that we know a little more about their behavior, we have a little gift for you. From one Framingham neighbor to another, here are six easy ways to potentially deal with ants in your home.

Limit potential sources of food

A clean kitchen is an ant’s worst nightmare. Sweep up crumbs, wipe down spills, and mop regularly. Wipe down jars of jam or honey, cans of soda, bottles of syrup, and other sugary foods before storing them.

Know where they like to call home

Kitchens are the number one place we treat for ants. With plenty of food, water, and numerous places to shelter, kitchens are ant’s dream come true. Granted, kitchens aren’t the only place you might be battling ants. Near air conditioning units, sump pumps, pipes, and drains are all areas that you might find ant activity.

Reduce moisture around the house

An often-overlooked solution to preventing ants is by reducing moisture around the home. Frequently inspect under sinks and refrigerators for moisture. Ensure that there aren’t pipes in the basement that are leaking. Worst case scenario, look at the possibility of purchasing a dehumidifier. These devices can help reduce areas that have continuous moisture. Some areas to consider placing a dehumidifier would include: down in crawl spaces, damp basements, or an attic that happens to leak during a heavy downpour.

Call for backup

Getting rid of ants without the proper resources can be a daunting task. An infestation of the wrong type of ant, if not taken care of immediately, can cause a major amount of damage to your home. Even if the ants you’re trying to get rid of aren’t damaging your home, they may soon begin contaminating your food.

If you’re tired of trying to get rid of ants in and around your home, call or email Rove Pest Control here in Framingham. Somebody in our office will be more than happy to assist you.

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