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What is a springtail?

When I think of the word “springtail”, the first thing that comes to mind is Winnie the Pooh’s striped friend bouncing around singing the wonderful thing about Tiggers. Considering this was my favorite cartoon character growing up, it is not surprise I have taken to springtails in the world of entomology. What, you wonder, is a springtail?


Springtail Basics

Springtails are small insects that are about 1-2 mmm in length depending on the species. They will typically run or walk in short spurts followed by periods of rest. When they are disturbed, they release their facula (a fancy pants name for their spring-loaded tail), and spring or jump into the air. They are typically reported in large numbers (most people wouldn’t notice a handful of them).

Jumping Fuel

Springtails feed mostly on fungi, pollen, algae, spores, and decaying veggies. There are a few species that feed on living plants or dead animals. When their food disappears – usually from a sudden change in moisture conditions – they have to either migrate or die. These mass migrations are great at bringing the presence of springtails to the attention of occupants.

Confusing Creatures

Springtails are one of the most frequently submitted “mystery” insects to our identification lab. Oftentimes this is simply because they are not commonly known by the general population. In other situations, they are confused with other insects such as:


Getting rid of springtails

Now that you know what a springtail is, you have the secret to successfully showing them the way out – moisture management. Of course, this is often easier said than done. Our springtail spotters here at Rove Pest Control have the training and experience necessary to make your springtail troubles a thing of the past… Reach out to us and we’ll help you with:

Springtails enjoying some fungi that is damaging the wood
  • iodentification-to ensure the right pest is targeted
  • source solving – to resolve the underlying issues
  • control – because saying goodbye is the best part