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What does empathy have to do with pest control?

There are many definitions of empathy floating around. Rove’s definition of empathy is being able to see a situation from another’s perspective and collaborating to create the needed solution. Creating the empathetic solution often means discovering and solving unseen problems.

Empathy in Residences

Every residence is different. From the outside, the homes or apartments may look the same, but the minutia on the scale of a human perspective are usually massive discrepancies from the perspective of a pest. Most people do not have the time or the desire to spend half their waking life trying to learn the world of arthropods. You just know you want your home to be your space where you feel safe and secure. Pest presence threatens the safety and security of you and the people and pets you love.

Rove’s empathetic approach digs into the underlying issues. If wasps are threatening your peaceful deck dwelling, Rove’s technicians tackle the wasps as well as the other insects and conditions drawing them in.

Business Empathy

When you build and manage a business, you are creating connections. You connect people, products, services, and everything in between to add value. When arthropods find a connection they want in your business, it interferes with your products, services, team members, and your purpose.

Rove is in the business of understanding what pests wish to interfere with your working environment. Rove’s technicians put the procedures into practice that keep you focused on what you do best.

Empathy for Pests & their Cohorts

Empathy in the world of pest control goes beyond seeing the situation from the perspective of the home and business owners. The best solutions are developed by technicians that dive into the world perspective of insects, arachnids, rodents and other such creatures.

  • By taking on a mouse’s perspective, plumbing becomes tree branches leading to food.
  • adopt a spider perspective and porch lights indicate an after hours food buffet
  • Dive into a box elder bug’s life to feel the allure of the warm walls of homes in the fall.

Each pest that people face has a different set of senses and biological drivers. Understanding these opens the door to calibrating an environment that suits the creatures and the residents.

Environmental Empathy

The environment includes all of the aspects that impact an organism:

  • Plants
  • Soil Type
  • Light levels
  • Sounds
  • Moisture levels
  • Food Sources
  • Structures
  • Air flow

The list could continue with many other intricate details. More important than listing everything that could be a factor is having an environmental expert trained to understand the interactions among the creatures and the environment. It is important to adjust the environment strategically and methodically to achieve the balance that best supports the life you desire in your home and business.

Rove’s empathy for the environment continuously trains the field change agents on the better practices for bringing about the changes you wish to see while preventing new developments you want to avoid.

The EPIC values of Empathy

At Rove, the core values at the heart of what we do are contained in the acronym EPIC:

  • Education
  • Preparation
  • Investigation
  • Completion

The values are not stages or steps, but may overlap and repeat as each situation demands. For example, Rove’s field empathy experts will continually be building up their Education base. Leading up to your visit, they will prepare for the current trends, weather, and specific needs of the home or business they will be taking care of. On site, they will investigate underlying causes and additional information that is present on site. In the cases where something unexpected occurs, they will educate themselves on the new finding and further investigate the contributing factors.. They will complete the service based off of the best available practices.

Rove co-wrote the best selling book on the empathy you need

The Empathetic Solution You Deserve

You don’t personally need to have empathy for pests. You simply deserve the freedom from pests that distract you and interrupt your life. When pests set out to take you, your business, or your home hostage, Rove is there to set you free.

About Rob Greer: Pest Control Expert and Industry Leader
Rob Greer, co-founder of Rove Pest Control, has a deep connection with nature, developed during his upbringing in rural Idaho where he raised horses and cattle. He began his career in pest control in 2001 to support his university studies. After earning a BS in Business Management, Rob, along with Lenny Gray and McKay Bodily, founded Rove Pest Control.
Rob has played a pivotal role in shaping the operational framework of Rove Pest Control, with a focus on personal development for team members, public health awareness, and tailoring services to meet the needs of individuals and communities.
As an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) and Subject Matter Expert (SME), Rob has made significant contributions to the pest control industry. He has collaborated on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s UMN Extension certification manual and exam development, the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual for the EPA, and the Quality Pro Customer Service Credential Task Force. His expertise has also been recognized in his testimony for the pest control industry before the Minnesota state legislature as a State Policy Affairs Representative. Currently, Rob serves as the President of the Minnesota Pest Management Association Board. Learn more about Rob Greer.