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Unseen Things: Wasps

Wait, wasps aren’t invisible. Why would a wasp be an unseen thing? Over 90% of stings come from unseen wasps. They love to sneak up behind you when you don’t realize you are encroaching on “their” territory and threatening them. Worse than the sting of a single wasp, these creatures are likely to conspire violence against you.

I dare you to tell that wasp that shrimp is not hers

Call in the Troops

It doesn’t matter if you are intentionally encroaching on their territory to try and remove the unsightly nest from your roofline or if they just claimed your deck is theirs. If a wasp thinks you are threatening it, it will send out a signal to its sharp-butted cohorts to join the attack. This signal has been the cause of many people encountering more stings than they knew wasp bodies were present.

Wasps defend their nests and their buddies

Sneak Attack

This same signal that can be used in aerial group attacks is just as relevant in situations involving ground nesting wasps. These ground wasps oftentimes take over old rodent burrows to build their nest underground. This construction process whether by the wasp or the prior ground tenant typically includes an emergency escape. This means if you attack the obvious entrance on one side of the bush, you may have a handful or more of wasps flood out the hidden entrance and attack you from behind.

Wasp hiding in a hand sanitizer dispenser

Hidden in the Trenches

Humans are not the only ones to rely on trench like protection for endeavors to take over territory. Wasps may decide your walls are a great protection from the rain, wind and predators. As they build a nest in the wall voids, they add moisture and foreign materials to the void. In some cases, especially if the entrance hole gets plugged by an ambitious grounds keeper, the wasps will start flooding out into the structure interior. This can be disastrous for both business managers and homeowners that suddenly share a constrained common space with a raging sting creature.

wasps nesting in the car frame

Big Battles

The Rove Pest Control wasp team is a well seasoned battle team that has seen it all.

  • Basketball sized bald faced hornets nests protected by thorny bushes
  • Bedrooms taken over by yellow jackets
  • Automobiles that became portable wasp nests
  • Ground nests big enough to fit a Labrador inside

Many Rove Technicians use full body suits to protect them as they enter the war zone. Others ear the tile of wasp whisperers. Wasp whisperers remove the largest nests with just a stick and an understanding of the nature of the wasp, yellow jacket, or hornet.

Wasps interrupt play time, meal time, business flow, and many other things. Why wage the war yourself? Turn the battle over to Rove Pest Control to take care of the wasps and the conducive conditions inviting them in. This way you win the war AND keep your skin free of punctures.

Solving the Autostereogram

It is easier for some people to be able to view the image hidden in autostereograms than it is for others. For a quick guide on a few different techniques to viewing them, visit this handy guide here. Otherwise, you can just scroll through the original image and then the hidden image overlaid clearly on top of the original puzzle.