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Unseen Things: Spider

You’ve all heard, “It’s just a spider.” Charlotte’s Web tried to teach you that spiders have important messages for you. You’ve heard how spiders eat things you don’t want around. The reality is your relationship with spiders is not an intellectual set of facts. Spiders were designed to test your resolve and raise questions about your will.

Your Will to Maintain Composure

Sometimes it catches you off guard when you walk through a doorway that nobody opened in a few days. Many hikers encounter the invisible web strands crossing the trail that grab their hair and face. Webs also catch you off guard when you reach into a shelf in the garage. When that sticky unseen spider web snags your skin or hair, few maintain their composure. Spiders will activate your fight, flight, or freeze mode!

Your Will to Enter

Just the thought of a spider lurking in the shadows of a cellar, storage unit, or other dark space can test your resolve to enter. You know that you will only find out whether a spider is present by seeing or feeling it. Which would you prefer? Many children test the will of their bladder when a spider is seen in the bathroom they intended to enter. Spiders will test your resolve

Your Will to Leave

When you fling back the shower curtain, your visual system locks onto a “massive” wolf spider scrambling across the floor. Do you step out? Even the entomologist who works with creepy crawlers all day long is going to hesitate while their brain processes what is occurring. Caution with spiders is built into the genetic code. Some will then step out and move on with their day. Most will react and call for assistance. Spiders will test your will to leave when they show up unexpectedly in your path.

Your Will and Testament

As a second grader, Rove’s Associate Certified Entomologist woke up with a small welt on his face. Over the next couple of days that welt became increasingly apparent that something necrotic was occurring. His teacher advised he be taken to a doctor. Since life was busy, his grandma dropped him off at the doctor’s office to have a peak. After an exam, the doctor returned to ask him if he had his will filled out. What a thing to ask a child!

It turned out that a spider had bitten him in some nocturnal encounter where he probably rolled over on top of the unsuspecting yellow sac spider. That spider proved to be the vehicle for delivering a staff infection which took hold and advanced quickly. Left untreated long enough, the doctor’s question was relevant. Perhaps it is not so surprising he eventually pursued a career in the world of insects and arachnids.

Can you will spiders away?

No matter how many times in the past you have had a spider test your will in one way or another, you have the power to will them away. The only question that remains is WHEN “will” you call Rove Pest Control? Rove Pest Control’s methods and control strategies WILL keep the spiders away.

Solving the Autostereogram

Ready for some hints on solving the image Click here. Otherwise, you can just scroll through the original image and then the hidden image.