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Are you throwing your money away on a bed bug treatment with little results?

Is the bed bug treatment you are looking into going to even work?
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Unfortunately a traditional insecticide bed bug treatment isn’t what it used to be with regard to impact on bed bugs. You may be wasting money if the pest control business you hire is using this form of treatment. According to “A new study reveals that bed bugs have developed a thicker skin that enables them to survive exposure to commonly used bug sprays, according to University of Sydney research published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.
Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites. Unfortunately for us, their meal of choice is human blood. There has been a global resurgence of bed bugs in the past few decades. Trying to kill the bugs has only made them stronger, according to the new study and other previous research. The Australian study, which was funded in part by Bayer Crop Science, which makes products that kill bed bugs, found that the thicker the insect’s natural covering, the more likely the bed bugs were to survive exposure to the insecticides.” If the pesticide version of bed bug treatment may not work what should you do?

Find a pest control service that uses heat for a bed bug treatment

Heat treatment has been identified by pest professionals across the country as the safest and most effective way to eradicate bed bugs, bat bugs, and even cockroaches. A Heat bed bug treatment does not require the use of chemicals, which makes it safer for the environment.  Another recent study by entomologists found that bed bugs are becoming resistant to the most commonly used insecticides called pyrethroids. Make a better choice for bed bug treatment and choose a company that does heat treatment to kill bed bugs.


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