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Rove Pest Control Founder Rob Greer Cowrites Best Selling Book With Chris Voss

Rove Pest Control Founder Rob Greer Cowrites New Best Selling Book With Chris Voss

Joining forces with renowned author Chris Voss, Rove Pest Control founder Rob Greer has cowritten and released a new book, “Empathy and Understanding in Business.” In this blog post, our team at Rove Pest Control will dive a little deeper into what “Empathy and Understanding in Business” is about and how it can help businesses in all fields and industries develop more empathetic business practices.

What To Expect From “Empathy and Understanding in Business”

When you pick up a copy of “Empathy and Understanding in Business,” you’ll learn more about how empathy enables businesses to understand and solve their customers’ problems. However, what empathy means must be stated. Empathy is seeing situations from someone else’s point of view and collaborating with that person to make a necessary solution. The more you understand someone and their situation, the faster you can form an answer to their problems.

Throughout “Empathy and Understanding in Business,” Rob Greer and Chris Voss collaborate with professionals across many industries to discuss how empathy and understanding can help businesses. With each perspective, readers will gain insight into incorporating empathetic problem-solving into their business.

How “Empathy and Understanding in Business” Relates to Every Industry

Some industries, at least on the surface, appear more detached from ideas like empathy than others. However, this is far from the truth. “Empathy and Understanding in Business” heavily emphasizes how every industry can implement empathetic problem-solving into their practices. Let us provide our pest control services at Rove Pest Control as an example.

It might seem like pest control has little to do with empathy on the surface. However, there are a variety of ways in which empathy goes hand in hand with our pest control services. After all, pest control services are more than just removing pests from your homes and businesses. They better protect your home, health, and overall quality of life in an individual home and community.

About the Author

Rob Greer is an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur within the pest control industry. After graduating from BYU in business management with an emphasis in marketing, he started Rove Pest Control with his partners, Lenny Gray and McKay Bodily, in Minnesota. Through Rob’s leadership, Rove Pest Control’s reach expanded quickly and pivoted focus on member growth, public health awareness, and aligning service offerings with individual and community needs.

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Grab Yourself a Copy of “Empathy and Understanding in Business” Today

Rob Greer, Chris Voss, and their many professional collaborators invite you to discover how empathy and understanding can give your business a well-deserved boost and improved reputation. Buy your copy of “Empathy and Understanding in Business” on Amazon! For more information about Rob’s work with Rove Pest Control, contact us online!