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On the Pest Day of Christmas…

Sing along with your neighbors to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. “On the pest day of Christmas my Rove tech gave to me, a home that’s completely pest free!”

When is the day of pests?

For some people, this dreaded day is every day until they figure out what to do about it. For other people, it is the random occurrences when pests pop out of nowhere to ruin your best laid plans and hijack your moments of zen. This may be a visit from a spider in the bathroom or an army of ants invading your kitchen.

Mice should not be in Santa’s sack!

What is Pest Day?

This dreaded day is anytime a pest interrupts your day and steals your thunder. Pests rob homes and businesses of comfort and security. In some cases, they may even cause damage to the structure (Carpenter ants, rodents, etc.) or its contents. They may rob you of sleep (bed bugs) or blood (mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, etc.).

Is the gift of Rove just for homes?

No! Rove technicians are looking to gift you with a pest free environment at home and at work. Whether you own a business or just work somewhere, you deserve the arthropod and rodent free gift from Rove.

How do you share this Rove gift?

It is super simple! You give Rove their contact information or have them call Rove to customize their service. When they get their service set up, they get a free service and so do you! Make everyone’s holiday a little more cozy with Rove Pest Control at work and home.