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Mosquito facts you didn’t know about

Mosquito facts you didn’t know!

These annoying pests have some little known facts about them. Below are a few interesting mosquito facts you might not know about!

Mosquito Facts

  • Only female mosquito suck blood. With all the mosquito bites you might get this Minnesota summer, only the females are biting you.
  • A female mosquito can suck triple it’s own body weight in blood. Imagine drinking triple your body weight in a single sitting!
  • A mosquito’s wings can beat anywhere from 300 to 600 times a second. No wonder we can hear them buzzing around the summer campfires.
  • Mosquitoes hibernate – In colder weather climates, like Minnesota, they hide or freeze their eggs in water to survive the winter
  • Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals on the planet. No other species is responsible for the loss of as many human lives each year as mosquitoes. Humans murder around 475,000 other people each year. Snakes kill around 50,000, while dogs (mainly from rabies transmission) claim another 25,000 lives. Some of the most feared animals (sharks, wolves) kill fewer than 10. The diseases that mosquitoes carry and transmit to people they bite, on the other hand, kill 725,000″ And that’s each year!

With Mosquitoes being related to over 700,000 deaths each year, you should keep them away from you and your family this summer.

Rove’s Mosquito Services for mosquito prevention in Minnesota – 

Mosquito Prevention – We will have a mosquito technician will identify the type of mosquitoes affecting your property and determine what may be made to minimize the reproductive opportunities. This could include any combination of adjustments to habits, landscaping, or structures.

Mosquito Larva control – In cases where landscape, structural, and other alterations are not feasible, or where alterations need supplemental treatment, there are treatments that may be done to prevent larva from completing their life cycle. The method of this treatment will vary based off of the biology of the mosquitoes of concern.

Adult Mosquito control – In situations where sources are outside of the control of the property owner, it may be necessary to focus on the adult mosquitoes. The method of treating the adults will depend on the goal of mosquito control as well as the biology of the specific mosquitoes in question. Some mosquitoes may travel miles from their breeding site while others will remain very close. Different options are available for those that need to prepare for specific outdoor events than those that are near a continuous source of mosquitoes. A Rove Pest Control technician will work closely with you to determine goals and thresholds to be achieved and will customize a mosquito control system to fit your individual needs.

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