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Meet the Rove Team

Whether you are considering joining the Rove team or have been with us for years, this is a great place to come to learn about other team members. We are in the process of adding more conversations and pictures of team members as we go, so check back frequently.


Minnesota is currently our oldest market and contributes the largest number of people to our team.

Christmas celebration at Rodizzio
Thomas has a knack for connecting with customers and team members in a way that few people can match.

Thomas shares an insightful perspective on the expert trap here.

Jesse is our longest tenured inbound sales representative

Listen to a conversation between Jesse and the COO here.

Chelsie has worked in more positions at Rove than the rest of the team.

Hear some of Chelsie’s methods for success here.

Jason is a star coach at Rove & home

Jason shares his home improvement self taught skills.

Alex provides a strong connection point for customers and technicians.

Alex fills us in on his travels out west here.

Jonah getting ready to hit the trails

Jonah gets into Thanksgiving, chess and reading here.

Natural spotlight on Jacob

Jacob & I dive into pinball and tattoos here.

Adam recharging out in nature

Adam fills me in on archery, hunting and scouts.

Nate petting his pup

Hear about Nate’s pet training and cooking.

Izzy living life

Izzy shares about long distance social connections and home cooked food here.

Justin shares his 4th of July roots here.

Sherry put a lot of work into her flowers

Hear how Sherry guides her grandchildren and maintains her youthful spirit here.


The MA team gathering to celebrate a successful year

Massachusetts has one of the most cohesive state teams in the company.

Juan holds the most residential sales records in the company

In addition to some interesting work experiences, Juan shares about things learned traveling the world.

Bill enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family.

Bill shares insights on improving the world around him.


Holiday feasting in Detroit

Michigan is one of the most conversational offices in the company.

JB is developing his cook nook

JB shares some laughs with us here.


A Brazilian experience in Phoenix

Phoenix is the home to our hottest branch with the most menacing pests.

Jared has worked in the two most geographically spread offices in the company. Here are Jared’s views on life.


End of year food and fun
Joe is an Operations Director who loves the outdoors and fitness

Joe talks about visits from family and fall plans here.