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Ways You Don’t Want to Eliminate Mice

3 Ways you Don’t want to eliminate Mice

Movie makers have gone to great lengths to help us realize the value of mice in our every day lives. As a pest control operator, I can appreciate the effort an am a huge fan of the role that mice play in the general ecosystem. In addition, from an evolutionary standpoint, mice are incredible creatures. Spider man, the hulk and batman all have reason to be envied, but Mouseman could outdo all of them: compress his structure, run straight up walls, jumping abilities, kinesthetic memory, but I digress. Mice are great…in the environment….anywhere but near my house or yard. In the spirit of keeping mice and their corresponding diseases where they belong, let’s explore 3 methods you should NOT implement when performing mouse control.

(1) Catch & Release –While this is a great method for maintaining healthy fishing sport populations, it is a horrific idea when it comes to removing mice from a structure. I understand the desire to not have to kill the cute little fuzzy cuddle ball of disease, but mice use pheromones. Pheromones and marking scents help mice mark areas such as entrances, hiding places, food sources, etc. Not only are they marking them for their own good, but in many cases, their little mouse family will be relying on it. If a mouse is simply put outside of a structure, it will enter the same way it did the first time. Since complete exclusion is a very tall task, mice should be terminated or trans located to some far away place where hope of return is smashed. In addition, keep in mind this effort will likely provide little gain unless it is combined with some long term control and exclusion efforts.

(2) Projectile Warfare – When you come downstairs to pick up that candy bar you have been saving for days to enjoy when you get a chance to sit down and relax, and find that little gnawing rodent teeth beat you to it, absolute rage is justified. What is not justified is the ensuing projectile warfare that your brain will suggest to you. BB guns, sling shots, and salt guns all have their places, but mouse hunting is not it. Mice are fast. They know your home’s nooks and crannies better than you do. As they dodge and dart, your projectiles are more likely to cause damage to your prized antique bubble gum collection than do any harm to the mouse. In addition, if you simply harm the mouse and do not complete the deed, you have an extra cautious mouse that may spend every waking moment terrorizing you completely out of site. You want to give these critters no motivation to take out revenge on your electrical wires.

(3) Fumigation – Far too many people have called in either requesting a rodent fumigation or recounting stories of failed mouse fumigants. I nearly drop the phone and have a heart attack every time. News Flash: Rodents are mammals – we are mammals. If a fumigant will kill a mouse, it is a very bad idea to have in your living and breathing quarters. Regardless of how many you think are hidden covertly up in your wall voids, bring in the professionals if you think it is bad enough to warrant a fumigation and we will find a better solution than poison gas in your kitchen.

Rodent control can be tedious and tricky, but stick to safe and proven methods that do not pose risks to you and your family. Mice carry disease that you do not want in or around your home, but don’t introduce a greater risk in the process.

Happy mouse battles!

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