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Wildlife Control:
Ramsey County

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Wildlife Control: Ramsey County

Ramsey County has some of the best wildlife in Minnesota. Ramsey County is home to Minnesota’s state capital, St. Paul. With so many bodies of water nearby, it’s the perfect area for pests as well as wildlife. These creatures can cause havoc to homes and businesses.

The wildlife control experts in Ramsey County can assist you with animals that may be destroying your home. Raccoons, for example, can cause significant damage by pulling apart vents, soffits, and roofing. Once they are inside, they can cause damage to insulation and wires. They can also contaminate your home with feces and urine.

Ramsey County Animal Control

Bats are another pest. While they do not chew on buildings, their guano and urine will accumulate over time. This can result in waste dripping through ceilings, which will damage insulation. Over time, the accumulation of bat waste can soak through sheet rock and cause your home to collapse.

Many homeowners also have severe problems with squirrels. They can chew through plastics, wood, and plastic siding. They can also tear open attic vents to gain access into the house. Squirrels are also known to tear up insulation and chew on electrical wiring.

Skunks are also a nuisance. Not only do they stink, but they spread disease, particularly rabies. 

Skunks are also skilled diggers that can create deep burrows and threaten the structures of homes and businesses.

Ramsey County Animal Control can provide solutions for all your pest and wildlife issues. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today.

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