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Where do Kissing Bugs Hide?

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Where do Kissing Bugs Hide?

Kissing bugs are obligatory blood feeders that seek their hosts nocturnally. So the important question is, “Where do kissing bugs hide?”

Carrier Hosts

Kissing bugs are happy to feed on any animal with blood. The most likely culprit for carrying them into the yard is a rodent such as a mouse or rat. They can hide on any other host that gives them blood such as an iguana, raccoon, or your dog. As they find their way on their host to your yard, their fondness for lights will draw them toward human dwellings.

Exterior hiding places

On the exterior of the home, there are countless places for them to hide. They are likely to hang out in leaf piles, yard refuse and other places attractive to resting rodents. In addition, organized landscape rocks, wood piles, and any other yard feature can provide a nice hiding spot for adults or their eggs. Less clutter will mean fewer hiding places..

Interior hiding places

In order to gain access to the home, these bugs will look for any hole or crevice allowing 1/4 inch to access. Inside, they can hide in potted plants whether real or fake, shelves, bed frames, etc. Kissing bugs have been known to hunt down and kill bed bugs in hopes of robbing them of their last blood meal. So, any list of bed bug hiding places could serve for kissing bugs. They can hide behind floorboards, pictures on walls, under or in electronics. In reality, they may use anything they can crawl into or under.

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