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Rove Pest Control,
Roseville Minnesota

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Rove Pest Control, Roseville Minnesota

The last weekend in March offers a fun treat at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. Roseville parks and recreation offers a unique experience; tapping for maple syrup the old fashioned way. Yum!

If you were a termite and you liked eating wood, what could possibly be better than your favorite food smothered in maple syrup? Termites love maple trees; they are an endless breakfast buffet. However, if they can’t find one they are just as happy to eat your house.

Termites in Your House

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They can damage books, paper, trees, shrubs, even where we live. Silently chewing through support beams and walls, termites destroy homes and office buildings to the point where they can become unstable. March through May is a great time to find out if there is a problem. Colonies swarm during this period and hundreds of winged termites will be seen throughout your home. If a colony is large enough to swarm, it means the damage is already extensive.

Send Your Termites Packing

Rove Pest control is here in Roseville to help. Even if you don’t have an infestation we have the knowledge to help you prevent it. We educate our customers. Rove offers in-home analysis; we’ll help identify all the places of vulnerability. We offer landscape tips that reduce infestation pathways and offer preventative products. Infestations of this wood loving insect should not be taken lightly. Termite colonies can be difficult for homeowners to treat. Our certified pesticide applicators have the structural knowledge that will help them identify critical areas around homes and offices. Rove can offer the most effective treatment methods to get rid of the problem.

Don’t let yourself get into a sticky situation with these wood eating invaders. If you see signs of an infestation, now is the time to act. Give Rove a call. A trained professional is the best option for termite eradication and prevention.