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Tick Control
in Oakdale, MN

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What’s that sound?

Tick, tock, tick, tock…no that’s not a clock you’re hearing, it’s actually ticks! Ok, ticks don’t really make much noise, but you (and typically your family) will make plenty of noise if you find a tick moseying around on you, your kids or pets. Now that temperatures are going to start warming up, the increase of ticks is sure to follow. Each spring, tick populations spike in and around neighborhoods. Pets venturing out on warm-weather walks and wildlife becoming active again in the spring will start to unwittingly transport these little pests.

Ticks love blood

Some ticks remain for most of their life on a single animal, but many others hide within or near the nests or burrows of their hosts when they’re not actively blood feeding. People would rarely encounter these ticks, but sometimes their animal hosts bring the ticks into the home. In other situations, animals such as deer, raccoons, squirrels, voles, or mice may simply bring the tick or ticks into your yard where they will scratch at it causing it to fall off and await the next host which may by your pet or even you!

Oakdale on alert

Many ticks are active outdoors in areas of high grass, brush and in forested areas…wait a minute…that sounds just like Oakdale! Yes, Oakdale has some prime real-estate for housing developments but also for ticks. When spending time in these types of areas be sure to check yourself for ticks. Keep in mind that just because you keep your yard well groomed and manicured, ticks will venture out from normal habitat in search of a host to provide the needed blood meal.

Rove to the rescue

Rove is an anti-tick establishment. Our Tick Specialists are trained and ready to treat for areas in and around your home where ticks could be hiding just waiting to catch a ride into your home. Call today for a free inspection and let Rove help you to become tick-free.

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