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Millipede Control
in Oakdale, MN

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Rove Pest Control: Oakdale, MN Millipedes Pest

Oakdale is home to 621 businesses, almost as many businesses in one town as a millipede has legs. And while Oakdale appreciates every one of its businesses, homeowners do not appreciate millipedes, let alone every one of their legs. Finding slithery insects with millions of legs skittering around your home or an infestation of them in your garden is a big problem.

Where They Infest

Millipedes love damp areas, such as gardens and flowerbeds. They also like eating decaying leaves and wood particles. They live under doghouses and sheds, as well as porches and patios. Millipedes can climb the foundation and would love more than anything to find an entrance into your basement. Slithering through the missing weather stripping into your home to any moist areas such as a bathroom or kitchen sounds like a party to them.

Get Rid Of Them!

Eliminating piles of decaying organic matter such as dead leaves or mulch piles is a good first step at eradicating a millipede infestation. Diverting rain gutters and keeping sprinklers from spraying near the foundation of your home can also help, keeping it as dry as possible. And last, sealing any possible entrances into your home will also stop them from coming in.

Call The Professionals

These steps sound easy enough to do on your own but for a complete elimination, bringing in a professional is your best option. A pest control expert from Rove Pest Control will be able to spot these tiny entrances to your house, find their gathering places, and expose their hiding places.

Finding one millipede is gross enough, but an infestation is horrifying. Let us take care of it. Our expert technicians will make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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