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It’s been cold in Oakdale this year, bitter cold. We’ve been suffering through some frigid temperatures. Weather that cold, demands we stay indoors with a big cup of cocoa or maybe a bowl of Irish stew from Riley’s.

Good thing it’s warming up; the cold days are nearly done. Now is the time to head outdoors, maybe play a round at Oak Marsh and finally get below 70. It’s time to feel the sun again and forget the chill of winter. Unfortunately, the pests of Oakdale have the same idea. Eggs are hatching and nests are active. Every kind of bug becomes active from the disgusting to the mean.

Speaking Of Mean . . .

Queen yellow jackets are coming out of hibernation and they will start building nests and spawning new broods. Yellow jackets are unnecessarily aggressive. They seem to attack with no reason. Unlike honeybees, their stingers never fall off and they can keep stinging until they’re dead. Their backsides aren’t the only problem, yellow jackets bite as well. They have strong mandibles that can be used to tear meat and in our case skin.

Simply put, they are nasty little pests. Have you noticed how good they are at finding holes in the siding of your house and spaces that open up into the attic? They like those areas best.

Preemptive Strike

Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating. It doesn’t take much time for a little nest to become a big problem. Yellow Jackets love the same sugary drinks we like and the same meats we love to barbecue. Instead of going to look for a flyswatter, grab your phone. A quick call to Rove Pest Control can bring you a yellow-jacket free summer. Their trained professionals know the best treatments to use that will allow you to forget the cold, get back to enjoying the start of another spring, and have a pest free summer.

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