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Inver Grove Heights,
Minnesota Pest Control

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Rolling Down the River

You may have left a good job in the city or simply kept your great job in the city for a nice place with a little bit of space outside of the city limits. Whatever your reason for entering Inver Grove Heights, we are all victim to the populations of insects, rodents, and arachnids that seem to just keep rolling down the river into our yards and subsequently homes all year long. Even in the dead of winter when you can’t find a single soul roaming the streets of your neighborhood, you will find mice rolling on into your garage for a quick warming before they go hunting for scraps of food that you or your children or pets left out for them. No matter how much we sing them a tune to just keep rolling down the river to Hastings or Red Wing, they will do as the wish and invade our space.

Insect Revival

Whether we are talking winter and they are carrying out insect revivals in your wall voids relying on your central heating to protect them through the winter, or talking about swarms of mosquitoes having giant revivals in the shadows of your deck and playsets; these pests are relentless. They gather and hide and take shelter anywhere that you have deemed your own. The unfortunate fact of the matter is these shelters that work so perfectly for us, also work well for the insects.

Be Proud Mary

Even though these insects and arachnids may find our homes and make them feel like something out of a horror movie, we can find ways to reclaim our homes and yards and be proud of what we originally chose – a place for us to live. Rove Pest Specialists are specially trained to know which combination of foundation power sprays, crack and crevice treatments, yard granular treatments, and baiting methods will keep you best protected throughout the ever changing pests of each Inver Grove Heights Season. Call Rove Pest Control today to set up your seasonal protection and learn how our service guarantee will keep you proud of your home and yard.