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Heat of the Summer

I don’t remember many days all of last year where we experienced the type of hot weather that we have been seeing in Champlin this year. Playing indoors sounds so much better than being outdoors right about now. What many Minnesotans love about living here is the fact that we experience all 4 seasons, we get to witness the great changes that take place is this great part of the country. One thing we know for certain is that our summers rarely last as long as we would like.   Summer is the time where we soak up some sun and enjoy all of the great outdoors our great state offers.

Hide the Welcome Mat

Summer time brings high temperatures, and an ever-increasing population of unwanted pests trying to invade our homes in an effort to beat the heat, and search for food sources. These invading pests are not always moving in looking for a place to call home, sometimes it is in search of food; nesting materials, refuge from weather, etc. This year we have seen a rise in wasp and hornet activity. Now these critters may just be in search of food, or there is that chance they may be eye-balling your beloved BBQ grill. Next time you go to fire up the grill there may be a few more un-invited guests in addition to your pesky neighbor who manages to always show up conveniently around dinnertime.

Rove’s Got You Covered

When Rove Pest Control in Champlin comes out to treat your home, our technicians power spray around the exterior and foundation of the home, creating a bug barrier to keep them out. We’ll also spray up in the eaves for spiders, wasps, box elders, etc. Our inside service focuses on getting a product in those areas where pests typically squeeze in and out of the home (window tracks, entry ways, and around plumbing under sinks). Our crack and crevice treatment focuses on those dark areas where spiders, centipedes and millipedes like to hide out. Our perimeter yard granulation creates a secondary barrier in the yard to keep ants, spiders, ticks, etc. from migrating towards your home. We also provide a full service guarantee, so that in-between your seasonal treatments, if additional activity pops up, we will return free of charge to re-treat any problem areas. Call your Rove Champlin pest control specialist for a free estimate today!