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Box Elder Bugs
Minneapolis, MN

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Winter Wonderland

With the winter season upon us once more in the great city of Minneapolis there is an abundance of unwanted insect guests wanting entrance in our homes. One of the forms these devils take is the Box Elder bug. These little black and orange bugs can be almost impossible to get rid of. In fact your house or a neighbors house could be victim to these swarming nuisances right now.

Pesky Buggers

Usually in the fall these pesky buggers spend their time basking in the sun on rocks, shrubs, trees, and man-made structures. Unfortunately that is not the only place we will be noticing them. We will also find them in window sills, door frames, and even on the interior of our houses if not properly treated! With the looming cold of the winter months Box elders are prone to invasion of our personal living space. I don’t know about you, but I do not look kindly on uninvited guests, especially if they have more than 2 legs.

Just Chill

Box Elder Bug Pests

Box Elder Bug Pests

As far as home remedies go there is not much you can do to stop these ruthless invaders from getting into your home when the temperature take a turn for the cooler. A tube of caulk and a ladder is effective if the key place are sealed up, but such a process can be quite time consuming. Even after hibernating for an extended period of time in walls or behind siding the Box Elder bug can be awoken from their slumber with just one warm weather day.

Good Riddance

NOT TO FEAR! Rove Pest Control has been eliminating this annoyance for our customers for many seasons. Our technicians are very familiar with how to maximize prevention and subsequently treat Box Elders to make sure this pesky insect will not be ruining your peaceful environment. Contact a Rove specialist today!

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