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Minneapolis Ant Control

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Ants have always had a mixed reputation. We have always admired their drone-like accomplishments and hard work—never pausing to rest as they build a colony out of the rotting wood under the sink.

Of course, once we see the damage, we’re no longer so fond. We admire how they can carry something several times their own weight, but when we see them walking off with a potato chip on the kitchen floor, we are not fond.

The way they take care of their young and sacrifice their own lives to protect and provide for the family is admirable.

When we find out that they’ve moved the family in, there is no more fondness. In Minneapolis, there are a few ants that make your life difficult, despite all their amiable qualities.

Carpenter ants love rotting wood. They will gather around leaking pipes or moist areas of the house. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat the wood—they simply carve out the wood so they can move the family in. But they leave members in various satellite colonies. So exterminating them can be difficult.

Thief ants (or grease ants) are so small that they can get into your packaged food. While outside, they steal the eggs of other ants to eat. But indoors they prefer sugary foods, or greasy foods. (Which is unfortunately a lot of the American diet). They can live about anywhere, including rotting wood, and under floorboards.

Pavement ants are also tiny, but intelligent. They will capture butterfly caterpillars in order to harvest the sugary after-product as it eats. During the winter, pavement ants will seek shelter inside your home. Of course, you have a plentiful food supply for them. (They also like the greasy foods.)

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