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McFarland Pest Control

Fish stories coming out of Lake Waubesa are something we are quite familiar with. Unfortunately, oversized stories of oversized fish aren’t the only thing that is making their way from nature into our homes. That’s right – oversized pest populations are looking for places to stay and it seems that any reason is justification enough for them. The best defensive (and offensive) play is to establish a solid McFarland Pest Control plan.

Isn’t Pest Control the Same Everywhere?

Sadly, far too many people attempt to put the same control measures into place regardless of whether they are in Florida, Texas, New York or Oregon. Ants? Spray them. Spiders? Spray them. Yes, it goes on and on like this. It doesn’t make sense in any other part of our lives to use the same tool for everything (although, you should see all the applications my son has come up with for a hammer). Our pest control plan needs to be based on solid logic. McFarland pest control should take into account:

  • city
  • neighborhood
  • landscaping
  • home type
  • past & current pests
  • trending pests
  • pest conducive conditions
  • accessible pathways for pests

Specific Pests

Specificity is the name of the efficient McFarland Pest Control Plan. If we are dealing with ants, let’s figure out what kind of ant it is. If it is spiders, knowing where they hunt will lead us to success. If we have rodents on the battle front, understanding the food preferences of a mouse vs a vole is key. We start with the main categories of:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Rodents
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches

Beyond that, we are either customizing the mix, adding in the unique pest, or drilling down to the specific species.


The best method for McFarland pest control is a combination of the top tools for the specific types of pests. A multi-front defense (or attack) always yields better results than mono-vision. Some key elements include:

  • Inspection
  • Monitoring
  • Trapping
  • Sanitation
  • Exclusion
  • Dusts
  • Sprays
  • Baits
  • Growth regulators
  • Environmental adjustments
  • Mechanical controls
  • Biological controls

Don’t Go It Alone

Having someone by your side to verify your fish story is key to belief. Having someone by your side to verify (or completely run) your identification, control methods, and follow up is key to McFarland pest control success. The best part is Rove Pest Control has the pest experts and customizable plans you need to keep pests out of your home leaving more time with your boat in the water.