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Rove Pest Control – Fremont, NE

Nebraska is a beautiful state in the Midwestern region. It is composed of vast prairies, which are full of various types of wildlife. Homes in Fremont are vulnerable to invasions from unwanted pest. Residents can learn how to identfy them and take further action by reading further.


Ants are very common and can live in just about any type of environment in Fremont. Their strong exoskeletons give them the protection they need from their enemies and the elements. Correctly identifying the different species is essential for knowing what types of control methods to apply. The eyes, gaster, spines, petiole nodes and antennal segments are useful indicators.


Cockroaches are elusive creatures that can thrive in many environments. They can wreak havoc on a home in Fremont by multiplying and spreading diseases. Once they are visible in plain sight, they are not hard to identify. They have six legs, two antennae and wings. Certain species can make sounds and emit strange smells.


Rats are by far the most unwanted pest in Fremont. They grow up to 16 ounces and measure 6-10 inches long. Young rats will reach sexual maturity in two to three months. Their habitats consist of underground tunnels, which keep them hidden. The danger with them lies in their tendency to spread diseases. For this reason, they must be removed at all cost.

Detection Techniques

All of these creatures have different characteristics, which make them vulnerable to pest control methods in Fremont. Ants for example, are attracted to food and usually try to harvest it by forming long trails that lead back to their nest. Cockroaches are harder to eliminate due to their ability to adapt to harsh conditions. Never the less, they are easy to find because they will eat anything organic in nature. They can be found near leaking pipes and cabinets in the kitchen. Rats try to remain hidden, but give themselves away by their moderately sized droppings. It can be hair, feces or urine.

The state of Nebraska is full of wildlife, which can make their way into the homes of unsuspecting residents. In order to avoid becoming victims of an infestation, these people must learn how to identify them. Homeowners in Fremont can avoid harmul diseases by applying detection methods.

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