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Is Pest Control Safe During Pregnancy?

October 13th, 2017 by Mike MacDonald in Pest Control Services

A common concern with pest control: is pest control safe during pregnancy? This post is all about how to effectively use pest control even if you are pregnant.

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There are various pest control products that could be potentially dangerous if you are pregnant and they are used incorrectly

There are various studies which found PBO, DDT and other banned substances inside 42% of homes. One study found 89% of homes have detectable pyrethrins inside.

There are correlations between pregnancy risk and pesticide use inside the home, but there are a few steps you can do to keep pests out without putting your family in danger.

Two major factors play a role in whether pest control can be potentially harmful or not, one is where the pest control products are placed throughout your home and the other is what type of pest control products are used.

Why doing your own pest control can be dangerous if you are pregnant

Unfortunately, in many cases the pest control products that are used in homes are bought over the counter. When you buy pest control products over the counter that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe.

It’s important to pay attention to what is on the labels when it comes to pest control products. More often than not, over-the-counter pest control products can be just as dangerous as any other product especially when used by someone who is untrained.

Most chemicals on pest control products would take an entomology, biology, or chemistry expert to even understand what is in some products, so be careful what you buy if you decide to try out your own pest control, especially if you are pregnant or have someone pregnant at home.

When you hire a pest control service, like the pros at Rove Pest Control, they can actually use only pest control products that are approved for use in hospitals and rest homes, making it a much better option for you and your family.

Placement of pest control products is another key factor if you are pregnant

There are several factors that go into whether a pest control product would be safe around your family, pets, or even if you are pregnant, but one of the major ones is where a product is placed in your home. A lot of times people that try and do their own pest control end up putting over-the-counter pest control products in the wrong places, and actually make them more dangerous by increasing the exposure to non-pests.

For example, many times people unknowingly end up using outdoor pest control products indoors turning a product that could have been safe to use and turning it into something dangerous. When you hire a pest control service like Rove Pest Control, they know what products go where and how to best use pest control products without increasing risk to you or your family.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with proper treatment, many pest issues can be controlled from outside of the home. Unless you already had an issue in your home to specifically treat, pest issues originate from outside of the home.

If pests never get in your home and take hold to begin with, it’s hard for them to cause any problems. Proper treatments from a pest control service can create a barrier around your home that will eliminate most pest issues before they happen.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never see a pest again, but the ones that do pass through the barrier will quickly die off and they won’t be able to take hold in your home and start nesting and causing problem.

If you are pregnant or have someone pregnant in your home and are concerned with pests, we highly recommend reaching out to a pest control service. This can help you rest assured that the products being used are as safe as they can be and that they are also being used in the correct manner to keep your family protected.

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