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Cheese or Peanut Butter – What Bait Really Works for Getting Rid of Mice?

December 2nd, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Uncategorized

A very common question we get in pest control is, “What works better as bait for getting rid of mice, peanut butter or cheese?”

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Peanut butter and cheese can be a good choice as bait for getting rid of mice

Going with stereotypes of mice, cheese would probably be your best option, however it often isn’t the best choice in reality. Cheese can have the tendency of drying out when left in mouse traps. If the cheese gets hard and stale, there isn’t a very good chance that rodents will try and eat it, which leaves the trap useless.

Peanut butter can be a better option with its high protein content, as well as staying fresher longer, giving you a higher chance of catching the mouse in your mouse trap. Another advantage is that peanut butter tends to stay in place at weird angles so you can place the mouse traps in unique spots to catch mice more effectively.

Traditional baits like cheese and peanut butter might not always be the best choice of bait for getting rid of mice

Although either peanut butter or cheese could be effective as bait for mice, finding out what they are currently feeding on is usually a better option.

If you are having a rodent issue, be sure to pay attention to what they are getting into and eating around your home or business. These pests are habitual creatures and if they are currently eating out of your pantry they are very likely to return there.

For example if they were getting into your cereal boxes that were left out, you should try and bait your mouse traps with the cereal they had been eating. You already know they like it so give them what they want.

We have had stories around Christmas time where people left out their holiday cookies and candy, which ended up being what the mice were feeding on. After a variety of bait failures, we switched out the bait to the candy or cookies they had been eating. After the switch the rodents were trapped much quicker.

Pay close attention to where the mice and rodents are seen; most often they are feeding off of some convenient thing. If you place the traps there, you will have a higher chance of getting rid of mice and rodents with your bait traps.

Overall both peanut butter and cheese can be effective for bait in traps to get rid of rodents, but more often the food they are already accustomed to eating will work best.

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