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You Might Not Be The Only One Traveling Over Spring Break

It’s that time of year again where most people go somewhere and take a trip over spring break. You aren’t alone; pests tend to do a lot of traveling this time of year as well.

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As we come out of hibernation, so do pests

As temperatures are warming up outside pests are going to become more active and many will start to come out of their over-wintering state. Some of the most common pests that start to become more active in the spring are mice, rodents, wasps, box elder bug, and more.

If you aren’t prepared, that could lead to some new unwanted guests this spring. Some of the main things you should pay attention to around your home are entry points where pests can get in. Pests love warm destination get-aways as much as we do, and your homes fit the bill perfectly.

In the pest control business we call blocking off potential entry points exclusion, and there are several major areas that pests like to gain entrance into your home. One of the major ones are through open windows and holes in screens.

The window entry point becomes more relevant with spring approaching. As temperatures continue to warm up, most people tend to open up windows and turn off their heat. Your home now becomes a great spring break destination for pests.

Another common entry point for pests are under doors. Similar to open windows people often leave their door open, or maybe just have a screen door between their home and the outside world.

Many pests can fit through the smallest of spaces, including under doors or cracks and crevices around their homes.

What can happen when you don’t protect your home

Over the winter when pests are left unchecked, they often continue to breed and multiply. A lot of the time you won’t even know they are there because they go into hiding or hibernation. Unfortunately, now that it’s spring time they will start to emerge and can quickly start to take over your home.

If you didn’t already have a pest control service set up for your home yet, now is one of the best times of the year to do it. Anytime there is a transition in environmental factors such as weather, pests will become more active and your home is always a big target.

A lot of the time during the winter, if pests aren’t hibernating, they are hiding out until temperatures warm up to relocate. For example, you might have mice hiding out in your garage or shed or similar places, and when spring time comes around, they are going to become more active and start looking for an upgrade of location.

Be on the lookout of bringing pests back with you as you travel

As pests become more active around the world, they can also be in places you travel over spring break. For example, bed bugs are a common pest that like to hitchhike back with you and can end up in your home.

Be sure to check over your clothes and luggage when you return from a trip. A good suggestion would be to immediately wash your clothes in hot water and dry at a high temperature for at least 30 minutes to kill off any bed bugs, if you feel you were exposed in your travels.

Bed bugs like to hide out in a variety of places in hotel rooms – more than just on your bed. They can be found on couches, chairs, beds, and more. With bed bugs, it’s always better safe than sorry, and you want to at least check over anything you brought with you while you travel to make sure you didn’t bring any extra passengers home.

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