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Why you might see more pest activity after a pest control treatment

More pest activity after a pest control treatment? Yes, you heard right, but having more pest activity after a pest control treatment can actually be a good thing, and in this post we explain why.

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A pest control treatment from a pest control service isn’t attracting pests


Now, you might think it odd that after a pest control treatment pest activity would go up, but in some cases that can happen. The good news is, these spikes usually only lasts a couple of days and is part of the effective removal process.

A pest control service doesn’t use products to make more bugs appear in hopes you’ll hire them longer, but the products they do use can actually drive pests out of hiding.

It’s all about the pests you couldn’t see before

Throughout the year, if pests are left unchecked in your home they tend to hide, nest, and breed in hard to get places around your home. This could be in cracks and crevices as well as throughout wall voids in your home.

When a pest control service does a pest control treatment around your home, those bug hide-outs are the first places they are going to place product. Well, imagine if your home started to flood with something harmful or filled up with smoke. Would you just sit in your home and suffocate, or would you get out of there as quickly as possible?

This is the same sort of thing that happens to pests when a pest control service does a pest control treatment. The pest control products they put in your home can sometimes cause these pests that were hiding out in your home to run away from the product after it was applied.

Contact with a pest control treatment and pest control products are bad news for pests

Even though these pests will be fleeing their hiding spots, they often have already come in contact with the pest control products that the pest control service applied. One thing to understand is that while effective, most pest control products a pest control service utilizes aren’t going to immediately kill a pest.

Oftentimes, it can take a few days for a pest control product to start to take effect. In addition to that, pests have a variety of life cycles, so sometimes it can take time for some of the eggs or other stages of pests to start coming in contact with the pest control products.

This process can sometimes require multiple treatments to hit each new batch of pests emerging from hiding. So if you start to see an increase of pest activity the first day or two following a pest control treatment, you aren’t weird and the process isn’t broken.

How pests interact with applied products

Many pests are very sensitive to smell and touch, and many pest control products can interfere with those senses. This can cause pests to come out of hiding and start to become more active in order for them to try and get the product off of them.

Unfortunately for the pests, this doesn’t really work, and they actually end up spreading the pest control products around and even to other pests they might touch in the process. All of these things can help take out the pests in the long run, but at the same time, it can make you see more of them around, while the products are doing their work.

Now, if it’s been a week or two and you for some reason are still seeing higher levels of pest activity, we recommend reaching out to the pest control service you had treat your home for another treatment. Every company is different, but with us at Rove Pest Control, we would come out again and treat for free under our service guarantee if you had been on our general pest control service plan.

Our goal at Rove Pest Control is to keep your home pest free, so as part of our general pest control service plan, we come back to take care of any pest flare ups in between our quarterly service. This way you can rest assured any pesky pests that get in your home will be taken care of!

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