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Why are there Asian beetles in my home already?

For many of us spring is just starting to get into full gear, but you may have noticed Asian beetles or “Lady Bugs” in your home already. In this post we cover why are there Asian beetles in your home this early in the season and some tips on how to get rid of Asian beetles.

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Fall activities that cause in increase in Asian beetle pest issues

You might not naturally make the connection between high pest activity of Asian beetles in the fall and issues in the spring, but that’s exactly what happens. These days, more and more people are looking to use a more natural pest control approach around their home, and some have chosen to use Asian beetles for that purpose.

One of the main food sources that Asian beetles feed on are Aphids. These are even smaller bugs that can do massive damage to crops around the world.

While this fighting fire with fire approach to natural pest control sounds like a great idea, it can have a few unforeseen negative consequences as winter approaches.

Throughout the spring and summer months, there is plenty of food to go around for Asian beetles as crops and Aphids are also abundant. Without an equal balance of predators to take care of the growing Asian beetle population, their numbers continue to grow throughout the spring and summer months.

Having Aphid numbers in check and protecting crops are certainly a great benefit of this natural pest control option, but as temperatures start to drop as fall sets in and winter approaches, things can take a negative turn.

No more food and shelter means it’s time to move for Asian beetles

All pests require a steady supply of food, water, and shelter and as harvest time comes Asian beetles start to loose out on food and shelter. With many of the crops that house their Aphid food source as well as provide a direct source of shelter are harvested, Asian beetles are going to start searching for a new place to live.

Unfortunately in most cases, that means your home. This causes the originally friendly Asian beetle to transform into a home invading pest.

Whenever there is a change in seasons, pests will start to migrate from their outdoor living into a more ideal living situation. This means that as summer transitions to fall, these abundant pests can quickly cause problems, or at the very least begin to move into your homes.

Asian beetles tend to hide in wall gaps and voids in you home as well as places like your attic, so oftentimes if they did get into your home, you probably didn’t know they were there.

Out for fun after a long winters nap

Asian beetles also hibernate, so once they have settled into your home during the colder fall months, they can go into hiding. As they hibernate though the winter months, you might not even know they have made it into your home.

As temperatures start to warm up in spring, all of these hidden bugs can start to become active. If these Asian beetles were left unchecked throughout the winter, they are waking up and eager to get moving again.

For this reason, we recommend treatments for pests even throughout the winter months to keep any pests that may have gotten in your home in check. This can help to reduce any outbreaks as temperatures warm in the spring time.

If you are already seeing increased activity of Asian beetles in your home, there are a few steps you should take to eliminate them. Since it’s too late to prevent issues that happened last year, you’ll want to at least start with reducing issues next season.

Begin with a focus on exclusion or sealing cracks and entry points into your home. The better job you can do of sealing off entry points for pests, the fewer problems you’ll have with future pest issues.

Some entry points for pests are ultimately unavoidable, but some main ones you should focus on are under doors and windows, major cracks around your home, and through and around dryer and exhaust vents. Beyond that, we also recommend setting up a barrier treatment around your home to quickly kill off pests that past through it as to reduce nesting throughout the year.

Higher numbers of Asian beetles in the summer and fall lead to higher numbers in spring, so set yourself up early to keep these mostly helpful pests from becoming a nuisance in your home.

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