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Who REALLY Ate Santa’s Cookies?

As Christmas has just passed many of us remember leaving out cookies for Santa or maybe you do that now for your kids, but could he really eat from every persons cookie plate around the world in one night?

Who ate your cookies?

If you’ve had this happen you could maybe write it off here and there that Santa did feel hungry at your house, but what about the other times…did he bring some elves along this year?

Unfortunately, the answer may not be as exciting as you might think. There could be a high probably that you may have some holiday mice on your hands. A common thing people tend to overlook over the holidays is that it just isn’t Santa and your kids stealing from the cookie jar.

One pest control tip we recommend is not leaving out trays of treats and cookies this holiday season as it could be the perfect holiday buffet for some other unwanted pests.

Many household pests are nocturnal

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the pests you tend to get in your home are nocturnal or are very skittish around people. Mice and most rodents fall into this category.

Mice can fit into holes as small at 1/4 an inch in size and get in between walls and under cabinets and more. If you aren’t quick, you may miss them, and if you are leaving out food overnight, you are asking them to have an extended stay at your home this holiday season.

It’s best to put treats and cookies away in sealed containers when they aren’t in direct use, because it can attract and feed a whole lot of pests you might not even know about. Besides that, it just keeps them fresh longer.

So if you seem to have an overabundance of cookies missing after Christmas this year, Santa may have had some helpers you don’t really want to have in your home.

Definitely reach out to a pest control service if you do suspect to have any mice or other pest issues in your home this holiday season.  A pest control service can help you find entry points around your home where mice and pests could be getting in and seal them as well as using effective traps and other means of getting rid of any type of pest activity in your home.

Pests are certainly less active in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have them in your home. We recommend getting at least a maintenance program set up for your home to keep pest activities in check over the winter as well as eliminate much of the chance of getting an infestation this spring.

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